Specialty Vinyl Garage Doors

If you need a maintenance-free door, vinyl is designed to last a lifetime. Because of its durability, vinyl garage doors are resistant to rusting, cracking, fading, or becoming dented.

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Resilient construction seals out the elements, making vinyl garage doors the perfect choice for homeowners in coastal regions. Vinyl offers resistance to sand, salt, and wind so that you can enjoy its elegant look for years to come.

Product Features
  • Classic styles with simple maintenance
  • Won’t fade, rust, dent, or crack
  • Resistant to salt, sand, and wind
  • Climate proof door with UV ray protection
  • Available in wood-grain texture and deep raised panels
  • High insulation value rating of R10 to R13
  • A standard 16’ by 7’ door starts at $1,500

Timeless Garage Door Design Meets Practicality

Recommended for coastal regions, our specialty vinyl garage doors are renowned for their industrial-strength construction. These doors are weatherproof and combine timeless design with modern convenience.

A Cost-effective Garage Door 

Due to being low maintenance, vinyl garage doors are the ideal choice for people who want style and function but don’t have the time and budget for extra maintenance work.

Why Choose Vinyl

Aside from being fade-, rust-, and dent-resistant, NationServe’s specialty vinyl garage doors offer other equally-impressive features you can enjoy for years to come.

Our specialty vinyl garage doors provide:

  • A professional yet maintenance-free finish—a great way to escape from tedious upkeep while achieving the same, stunning results
  • A classic yet sleek appeal to your garage
  • High insulation rating that makes for great, thermally efficiency door
  • Durability, strength, and anti-fading properties
  • Impressive resistance to extreme weather conditions

Less Work, More Elegance

Thanks to their quality construction, vinyl garage doors require less maintenance than other garage door types. From a visual standpoint, keeping the look and overall appearance of our doors is easy. Dents and minor scratches are hardly noticeable, so your garage door remains pristine.

All these features allow you to have a functional and beautiful garage door while cutting down on maintenance and repair costs. Get style, quality, and cost-efficiency with NationServe’s specialty vinyl garage doors. Buy now and instantly increase the curb appeal of your home.

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Price Range

$50 - $500 = $
$500 - $1,500 = $$
$1,500 - $3,500 = $$$
$3,500 - $6,000 = $$$$

All costs are based on a standard 16' x 7' door size. Costs vary by location and are for supply only; installation is extra. Changes to door size, quantity of doors, and panel styles will affect pricing. Costs exclude hardware, windows, and color changes.

Insulation Value

R0-R6 = 1 star
R7-R9 = 2 star
R10-R13 = 3 star
R14 and up = 4 star

R-Value info

Specialty Vinyl 8700 garage door
Specialty Vinyl Garage Doors
$$$ ★★★

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