Garage Door Openers

Functional and reliable garage door openers are an essential element of your garage door system. Since your garage door is often the primary entrance to your home, and where you park your vehicle, an efficient automatic garage door opener with security features is key.

Find Your Fit

With Genie® and LiftMaster® garage door openers, you can trust the powerful combination of garage doors from NationServe with cutting-edge opener innovations designed with your convenience in mind.  Secure your home and garage by requesting your free quote today for a new garage door opener.

Price Range

$0 - $200 = $
$200 - $250 = $$
$250 - $300 = $$$
$300 - $350 = $$$$

All costs are based on a 7' height. Costs vary by location and are for supply only; installation is extra.

8500 Wall Mount garage door opener
Elite Series® 8500 Wall Mount
8587 garage door opener
Elite Series® 8587 and 8587W
8165 garage door opener
8165 Garage Door Opener
8355 garage door opener
Premium Series® 8355 and 8355W
8550 garage door opener
Elite Series® 8550 and 8550W
ReliaG 1028 garage opener
ReliaG® Pro Series Model 1028
ReliaG Model 2028 Chain garage opener
ReliaG® Pro Series Model 2028
IntelliG 3024 Belt garage door opener
IntelliG® Pro Series Model 3024
IntelliG 4024 Belt garage door opener
IntelliG Pro Series Model 4024

State-of-the-Art Garage Door Openers

Built with powerful security features and convenience in mind, our functional and reliable garage door openers complete your garage door system. With Genie® and LiftMaster® door openers and remotes, rest assured that your garage door will open and close quietly, efficiently, and safely.

  • We supply, install, and service Genie® and LiftMaster® door openers and remotes
  • Quiet yet powerful automatic door openers
  • Highly recommended for your Wayne Dalton™ garage door
  • Convenient, secure, and efficient
  • A garage door opener for a standard 7’ garage starts at approximately $200

Universal Garage Door Openers

Considered an integral element of your garage door system, garage door openers provide efficient and smooth operation. From a technical perspective, there really isn't a "one-size-fits-all" model when it comes to garage door openers. This is why we offer you a selection of the best garage door openers, bar none.

All crafted with your complete satisfaction in mind, our garage door openers provide you with:

  • Unparalleled convenience
  • Seamless automation
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Responsive control

Advanced Garage Opener

Our garage door openers and remotes are a product of clever engineering. To give you options, we have Security+ 2.0™ garage door openers, which offer encrypted communication. With every click, the door opens only for you.

On the other hand, our Auto Seek Dual Frequency System ensures openers are responsive and reliable, even with the presence of frequency interference.

Add Value to Your Home

Purchasing quality garage door accessories not only secures the overall build of your garage door system, but it is also a great investment for your garage door.

Choose from a variety of side-mount garage doors openers and remotes, and enjoy the comfort and style you deserve.

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