Product Specs


  • Features pre-finished 24-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel sections roll-formed to a full 2″ thickness
  • 3″ wide boxed stiles are adhered with adhesive
  • 20-gauge center and end stiles
  • Tongue-and-groove joint profile


  • Boxed stiles are adhered with adhesive preventing rust and leakage associated with rivets
  • The surface is ribbed for extra strength


  • Additional options include insulation and weather stripping that provide an R-value of 7.60
  • Standard bottom door seal on the perimeter and between sections reduces air leakage



Material  Non-Insulated Steel
Insulation Value 

R0-R6 = 1 star
R7-R9 = 2 star
R10-R13 = 3 star
R14 and up = 4 star

R-Value info

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