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Why you should switch to LED Garage Door Opener Lights

Sorry, Edison—the reign of incandescent lighting has finally faded. Light-emitting diodes, better known as LEDs, are revolutionizing the way we light up our homes, businesses, and activities. From Harleys to headlamps, you can find LED technology in pretty much any item that lights up these days. But there is one place where, until recently, LED lighting just couldn’t compete with older bulbs: the garage door opener.

LED Light bulb installation in garage

Because typical LED bulbs emit energy waves that interfere with the radio frequencies used by garage door opener remotes, they’ve never exactly been a first-choice lighting option for garages. The good news? Engineers at our garage door opener manufacturer, Genie, have managed to solve the interference issue and develop a revolutionary, frequency-friendly LED bulb. Why is this such a big deal? What’s wrong with good old incandescent lighting in the garage? Let the experts at NationServe shine some light—pardon the pun!—on the many benefits of switching to LED bulbs for your garage door opener and beyond.

How can a light bulb interfere with the radio?

It’s a bit puzzling, but LED lights can indeed mess with radio waves. In a nutshell, LED bulbs are highly energy efficient because they aren’t always on. That’s right: instead of shining uninterrupted, they actually flash on and off at a rate of around 15 times per second—much too quick for the human eye to notice. To keep the bulb flashing at a constant pace, LED lights require an electronic control circuit. This type of circuit happens to operate at frequencies similar to those used by garage door remotes, hence the risk of interference.

Beat the heat

As America’s garage door specialists, we here at NationServe know exactly how hot it can get in some parts of the country. If you live in a place like Tucson, keeping your home and garage at a comfortable temperature is hard enough without throwing additional heat sources into the mix—and incandescent light bulbs get hot. LED bulbs, on the other hand, stay nice and cool to the touch no matter how long you leave them on for.

Save energy (and money)

When it comes to energy efficiency, LED bulbs blow their incandescent ancestors clear out of the water. Just look at Genie’s garage door opener LED, for example: at 800 lumens, it’s as bright as a 60-watt incandescent bulb but only uses 10 watts of power. According to the manufacturer, using their LED to light your garage could cost you as little as $1.07 per year.

Why we love Genie’s LED garage door opener bulb

Genie’s research and development team made quite the breakthrough when they figured out how to contain the interference-causing energy waves emitted by typical LED bulbs. They made LED technology a viable option for garage door openers for the first time, which is no small feat in itself. But the folks at Genie aren’t ones to stop at viable. They were determined to create the perfect light bulb for use in the garage, and we at NationServe dare say they succeeded. Here are a few reasons America’s garage door specialists swear by the Genie LED garage door opener bulb:

Genie LED Light Bulb

  • It’s shatter and vibration resistant. This is a particularly important feature for a light bulb that lives in your garage door opener. The rail and drive systems that operate the door generate significant vibrations while in motion, which could easily get the best of a less rugged bulb. Genie’s LED bulb can withstand an impressive 5Gs of shaking force, which is a whole lot more vibration than your garage door could ever produce.
  • It works in extreme conditions. Cold and damp conditions, such as those often found behind garage doors around our Peoria and Quad Cities locations, can take a toll on the performance and life expectancy of run-of-the-mill LED bulbs. But not Genie’s—their LED powerhouse will keep shining bright in temperatures as low as -22 °F and is impervious to high levels of dampness.
  • It lasts for a long time. Right now, you probably need to replace your current garage door opener bulb every 3,500 hours or so, which equates to roughly two or three years of use. Once again, Genie’s LED crushes the competition, clocking in at a whopping 25,000-hour life expectancy. That means if you were to leave one on for three hours a day, every single day, you’d have to wait more than 22 years to see it burn out.
  • It’s compatible with most opener brands. Clients sometimes ask us if they can use Genie’s LED bulb in their non-Genie garage door opener. The answer, in a vast majority of cases, is yes. Almost everyone can reap the benefits of LED technology in their garage without compromising on the effectiveness of their opener’s remote capabilities.

LED Light Bulbs

Upgrade your garage with NationServe
NationServe offers a vast selection of garage doors and garage door accessories for residential and commercial use at our 16 locations across the United States, from Tucson to Peoria and Davenport. We’re proud to provide our clients with innovative Genie LED garage door opener bulbs, so if you’re ready to make the switch, come visit us today.

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