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When Do You Need Garage Door Wind Load Reinforcements?

When you should consider wind load reinforcement upgrades for your garage door

With the recent hurricanes that have struck the southern and eastern United States, more homeowners are wondering what they can do to prepare for the next one. It might not be the first thing you think of, but garage doors are an important part of protecting your home from the high winds of a hurricane. Much of the damage done by hurricanes is caused by the very high winds they create. In fact, the wind alone is often enough to destroy houses in a hurricane’s path. Your garage door tends to be the weakest part of the outside of your home. If the door buckles, it allows the force of the wind inside.

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The major threats to garage doors are flying debris and the pressure differentials that high winds create between the outside and inside of your home. Effectively, if the wind is strong enough, it both pushes on your door from the outside and sucks it into your home from the inside. If you live in parts of the country that are at a high risk for hurricanes, like Houston, Charlotte, or Raleigh, be sure to continue reading to find out how to prepare your garage door to help in the next hurricane.

What are wind load reinforcements?

One way to protect your garage doors is to get what are known as wind load reinforcements the next time you have a garage door installation or service on your garage door. Reinforcements can increase the wind and impact ratings of your garage door. Wind and impact ratings measure the degree to which your garage door can withstand high winds and objects striking it. Many communities in hurricane-prone states such as Florida and Texas do have building codes specifying wind load requirements. These vary state by state, so it is best to call your state’s building code authority or construction safety office to find the wind load requirements for your community.


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Wind load reinforcements can be added onto some models of garage doors, but the most secure kinds of reinforcements should be added during your initial garage door installation. If you live in a place like Houston, which expects these kinds of storms, you should have received information on the wind and impact rating of your current garage door and should check to see if it can withstand hurricane level winds (category five hurricanes have winds over 156 miles per hour).

Where can I find out if I can get reinforcements for my garage door?

Our local staff in Houston, Raleigh, Charlotte, and across the country are knowledgeable on local requirements and can help you find a garage door designed to stand up to the elements. At NationServe, we’re the country’s largest corporately owned overhead and garage door specialists. If your garage doors are in need of more protection from the potential damage of high winds, contact us today to make an appointment and to learn more. Whether you just need a service call or are wondering how much the installation of a new door will cost, we can help you. Your safety and satisfaction with your NationServe garage door is our highest priority.

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