Wayne Dalton’s Modern Glass Garage Door Transformation

Seeing is believing. Check out our before & after transformation video.

Constructed of glass and aluminum, NationServe’s range of modern glass garage doors are made for those who want to bring the outdoors in. The clean lines and sleek architecture of the doors can perfectly complement your home’s contemporary exteriors creating an overall modern look. Enclose your indoor spa or patio with full-view glass panels and enhance your interior with a scenic view with modern glass garage doors.


Product Features

Available in different glass styles, such as frosted, tinted, laminated, or obscure for utmost privacy, the addition of windows can streamline the look of your garage door. Sturdy aluminum frames are treated in anodized or powder coat paint finishes to match your home or building. Panels are also available in double reinforced frames for increased durability. The rails and stiles are insulated with polyurethane foam that’s foamed-in-place. The foam expands to fill the rails and improves the thermal efficiency of your interior. The tongue and groove joints also act as weather barriers to keep the elements outside and prevent wind infiltration.


Applications for Modern Glass Garage Doors

Ideal for garages that are directly extended from the house, glass garage doors can transform your space into indoor havens that let you enjoy the natural light and scenery while enjoying the comforts of your home. Modern glass garage doors require minimal maintenance, such as frequently removing build up and dirt from the rails and crevices and cleaning the glass to keep it spotless. We also recommend scheduling annual maintenance to keep your garage door working in pristine condition. The modern glass garage doors also come with tempered safety glass, acrylic, or solid panels as well. Insulation values range from R0 to R6 meaning these modern glass garage doors are ideal for homes located in warm climatic regions. The unparalleled contemporary edge from modern glass garage doors can be further enhanced with panes that are set in a visible aluminum frame. Wayne Dalton’s Modern Glass Garage Doors Models 8800 and 8850 are models to consider if you favor the contemporary look.


Get Your Garage Door Installed by A Professional

Still not sure what would look best on your home? Upload a picture of your home into NationServe’s Design Centre and experiment with different looks and models. Once you’ve found your dream garage door, request a quotes from one of our locations, and our product experts will help you customize the garage door to your preference. You may be under the impression that installing a garage door by yourself would reduce costs and save you time, but this could potentially invite unwanted trouble since it’s harder and more dangerous than the task may seem. Installing a garage door requires specific tools, a high skill level, and significant experience, and neglecting all the above can result in a damaged door or bodily injury. NationServe’s trained professionals will take care of your every concern, from removing your current garage door, installing the new one, and discarding your old garage door as well.



Leave all the troubles to us and let our team of specialists install your garage door safely. Whether you need some design tips and pointers in Tucson or Tempe, or repair and service on your garage door in Albuquerque, we have a location ready to serve you. Let us help you find the perfect garage door.