Wayne Dalton’s Designer Fiberglass Garage Door Transformation

Seeing is believing. Check out our before & after transformation video.

Enjoy the artistic workmanship of a wood garage door, but can’t keep up with the high-maintenance? We’ve got the perfect solution for you. NationServe’s line of designer fiberglass garage doors will meet your every expectation to provide the natural warmth of a wood garage door without any of the upkeep hassles.   


What Sets Designer Fiberglass Apart

Whether you own a beachfront property, or live in a coastal region, never worry again about the salty sea air corroding your garage door. Fiberglass doors are not prone to rot, corrosion or cracking, and they don’t easily scratch or buckle as well. You’re guaranteed years of prolonged performance and beauty. The doors come with foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation, which prevents street noise from carrying through, assist in the door operating more quietly, and can also help with your home’s thermal efficiency. Additional safety features like the tamper-resistant safety bottom brackets also reduce the chance of injury by eliminating the risk of a door free fall. The pinch-resistant door panels also keep fingers safe and minimize injury for the entire family. To top it all off, the manufacturer offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Wayne Dalton Model 9800 Designer Fiberglass garage door. We think now is a good time to upgrade your garage door.


Customization Options

Choose from horizontal and vertical raised groove panels or change up the look with Sonoma or Horizontal V-Groove designs to create a contemporary style garage door. Wood grain patterns include oak, cherry, mahogany, and more to match the finish you have on your home’s exterior. Select from ten different stains, including walnut and green, and make sure to apply a clear sealant every one to three years to maintain the color at its best vibrancy and reduce chances of fading. Hardware selections include hinges, lift handles, and knockers in black powder coated metal with a hand-hammered look. Insulated glass is also available for better thermal capacity on windows placed in horizontal or vertical panels. Experiment with window placement to modify your door from traditional to contemporary styles.


Try It Yourself

Still not sure if fiberglass is the way to go? Upload a picture of your home and experiment with colors, finishes, stains, hardware, windows, and more to find out what piques your interest. NationServe’s design center features over 20 models of various Wayne Dalton garage door styles to instantly boost your curb appeal at the click of a mouse. From a charming cottage to a modern townhouse, fiberglass garage doors look stunning on any type of home. Have something else in mind? Use fiberglass garage doors to enhance your four-season sun room, in-home gym, or even a partially covered porch to let plenty of sunlight in while keeping other elements out.



NationServe specializes in delivering quality products and services to enhance your next project. Merging pioneering garage door designs with durable construction, we can promise your home an impressive upgrade that’s sure to wow you and your neighbors. Ready to be awestruck? Request a quote today and our product experts at any of our locations will be happy to help you find the perfect garage door for your home.