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How to Turn Your Garage Into a Cozy Winter Nook

Admit it, clutter eats up most of your garage space and your car sometimes doesn’t even end up there. If you don’t use your garage for your vehicle, maybe it’s time to convert it into something more useful.

Wouldn’t be nice to have some cozy time at your place and enjoy the mood of the season? You can easily turn your garage into a personal winter nook so you can relax and snug up on a couch. Make a merry, custom garage door and transform this space into a warm place perfectly paired with hot cocoa and toasty blankets.

1. Garage-Turned-Reading-Nook

What’s more comfortable than a good book and hot cocoa? Warm up and feed your mind while chilling inside your house by turning your garage space into a reading winter wonderland. Escape into the pages and the smell of a steaming cup of tea while wrapped in your favorite blanket.

Simply set up a beautiful lounge with fluffy pillows, blankets, and candles. Get a nice bookshelf and stack it with your favorite literature. Be creative with your choice of bookends for a more personal touch. Set up a compact space heater beside you and voila!

2. Think Outside the Box with a Hammock

Lounge in style with the ultimate relaxation tool not just for your backyard but also inside your home — a hammock. When it’s too chilly outside and all you want is to relax as if you’re floating on air, a hammock will do the trick.

To start, choose whether you’ll go for a hammock bed or a hanging chair hammock. You should also consider what type of hanging style you want. Drill hooks into the ceiling beam or sturdy posts and attach ropes or chains. Make sure your foundation can carry the weight. Warm it up with a space heater or a compact fireplace then personalize your nook by adding a fur carpet, a side table stump, and other accents that match your theme.

3. Fireplace-Themed Garage Space

When temperatures plummet, you’ll want a space that will provide you the warmth you’re looking for this winter season. Take pleasure in the tranquility of a warm focal point: a fireplace. Turn your garage space into a winter refuge with a rustic log cabin or a minimalist modern retreat theme.

If you want to go for the traditional fireplace look, use stone walls and stick to a neutral color for the rest of the space. On the other hand, a warm, wooden mantel is a great choice as well. Lastly, complete the new space with accents that match your theme like an antique feature or wall painting.

While outdoor activities are fun, why not just stay at home this chilly time of year with these comfy havens? Make use of your garage by turning it into a functional space instead of a clutter dumping ground.

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