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3 Tips for Securing Your Overhead Door

Many businesses have designated storage space for vehicles, machinery, and equipment. Most of these assets are expensive investments, and it’s vital to protect these possessions from theft and damage.


An overhead garage door is often overlooked, even though it’s one of the most vulnerable areas in your place of business. Valuable possessions can attract thieves, and once burglars break in through your overhead door, they’ll have access to your property.

To secure your overhead door and protect everything inside, here are some helpful tips.

Tip 1: Schedule Regular Overhead Door Inspections and Tune-ups

Overhead doors undergo extreme wear and tear throughout the year. When you keep your door in good condition, it can serve as a secured entryway to your business and keep unauthorized people out. However, a neglected overhead door can pose security risks to you and your company.

We recommend that you schedule a regular inspection of your overhead door, ideally every year. Please be mindful that even a small area of corrosion on the door strut or a strange noise coming from the belt, when neglected, can weaken the build of your door, making it vulnerable to break-ins.

If you have questions about replacing your garage door spring or a garage door replacement, click here to contact our team.

Tip 2: Choose a High-Performance Overhead Door Operator

An overhead door system is incomplete without a reliable and efficient overhead garage door operator. These door operators allow full control over who can enter your property.

In the past, thieves used code grabbers to illegally open overhead doors, but new, smart technology has thwarted this technique. Our modern overhead door openers are equipped with an IntelliCode® Access Security System, which changes the door code every time you use it, providing exceptional security and preventing unwanted entry.

For added convenience and ease of use, we also offer overhead door openers with LiftMaster’s MyQ® Technology, which allows control over your overhead door, wherever you are in the world, with just a tap of your smartphone.

Tip 3: Select the Right Window Features

Poorly built overhead door windows are an easy target for burglars, who can easily push them in and break through. Make sure that the windows on your overhead door are theft-proof and solidly built.

A full-view glass overhead door can let passersby see what’s inside, possibly attracting suspicious eyes on expensive machinery and equipment. Opt for frosted or tinted style overhead doors that still allow natural light into your workspace, but also provide a good measure of privacy and security.

Ready for your own ingenious overhead door? We can make it happen. Contact your nearest NationServe location, get a product quote, or request a service call today.

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