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Important Tips for Buying a Residential Garage Door

Your house is a big investment. From its interior decorations to the exterior design, details both big and small will affect the overall appeal and value of your home.

The garage door is more than just your entryway into your garage—it can boost curb appeal, improve your house’s thermal efficiency, increase the resale value of your home, and serve as an extra level of security. On the other hand, your garage door can also be a headache down the road if not properly maintained and serviced.

Save time and money in the long run, and make your garage door a stunning statement piece. Here are important tips for buying a garage door.

Determine Your Garage’s Purpose

The first, and one of the most important questions to answer is what will be the primary purpose of the garage. Your answer will help determine the right type of garage door you need.

Is your garage attached to the house or does it have a living space adjacent to it? Do you have any plans of converting it into an office, a home gym, or a man cave? Or, will it simply be for storing vehicles?

Once you’ve determined the purpose of your garage, you can begin getting creative with the design and style selection process!

Use a Design Visualizer

Our Design Center can help you visualize what your garage door will look like with your home. By choosing the perfect style and accessories, and uploading a photo of your home, you’ll find the best garage door for your home.


Step 1: Choose your garage door style

Do you want a traditional swing-open Carriage House Garage Door? Or the versatile Classic Steel Door? Maybe even a handcrafted Wood Garage Door? Choose the garage door style that will complement the design and architecture of your house.

Step 2: Customize your garage door

After selecting your garage door style, the fun part begins. Personalize the look of your garage door by choosing the size, panel colors, and window options. Play around with different combinations to find the perfect garage door.

Step 3: See the big picture

Once you figure out the garage door style you want, you can then apply and visualize what it will look like on your home using your own photo, or by selecting one from our gallery that best represents your house. You’ll have the option to print your design or to save it for later use in your own project folder.

Inquire About R-Value

The insulation level of a garage door, or the R-value, determines how well the garage door regulates temperature within the garage. The  R-value is very important if you have plans of using your garage space for purposes other than vehicle storage.


As a rule of thumb, if you think you’ll spend more time in the garage, or if it shares a wall with a living area, ask your garage door specialists for a door model with a high insulation value of R-14 and above. For vehicle storage or garages with no shared walls to the house, a lower R-value will work just fine.

Ask Your Local Garage Door Company a Lot of Questions

Contact your nearest NationServe location and don’t hesitate to ask them questions. Our garage door experts are here to help you plan out the perfect door for your home.


Ask about style and material options, garage door hardware add-ons, our line of Wayne Dalton garage doors, product and service quotes—we’re happy to answer anything and everything about garage doors.

The decision process that goes with buying a garage door is as crucial as the other aspects of your home, say choosing a wall paint or type of flooring. You have to plan it carefully, do your research, and be hands-on. If you’re ready for your own ingenious garage door, contact us and we’ll help you find the garage door that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

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