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The Best R-Value for Your Garage Door in Colorado Springs

Keeping your home warm in the winter is no easy task if you live in a northern city like mountainous Colorado Springs. You’ve probably thought about adding insulation to your attic and replaced windows and doors to keep your home energy efficient. Now, consider that your garage door is the single biggest door and opening in your home. You wouldn’t want heat escaping from the garage door, would you? If your home’s living space includes bedrooms or bonus rooms above the garage, it just makes sense to look for the best insulated garage door possible.

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If you’re shopping for garage doors in Colorado Springs or other cities with cold winters, you might be wondering, how do I know which door is the best insulated? Look for the R-value listed in the door’s description. You’ll find the highest R-values on steel garage doors, vinyl garage doors, and fiberglass garage doors.

Why does R-Value Matter?

The R-value of a garage door lets you know how well it’s insulated. A low R-value means low insulation value which is a double whammy on your energy use: during the winter months, cool air can get through your garage from the outside and creep into your home. Hot air can also escape from inside your garage living space and leak outside, causing you to use more energy to heat your garage and home. Well-insulated, energy-efficient Wayne Dalton garage doors from NationServe can help you maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature in your home.

Which Is the Best R-Value for Your Garage Door Installation in Colorado Springs?

If you’re comparing the thermal efficiency of new garage doors in Colorado Springs or other cities in the north or Midwest, you may be wondering which R-value will give you the best value in cost and comfort. At NationServe, we recommend a minimum R-11 door for your insulated garage. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, or have a bedroom or other room above it, we highly recommend getting a door rated R-14 or R-16+. Typically, these higher R-values are found in steel and vinyl garage doors.



Other Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Most people purchase a high R-value, insulated garage door to boost energy efficiency; however, a well-insulated garage door can also offer other benefits, including:

  • Added strength and durability – A garage door that is insulated has the insulation sandwiched between layers of steel, vinyl, or fiberglass. With the added layers of insulation, a steel door is more durable and less likely to dent than an older, uninsulated door.
  • Noise pollution reduction – Although not the most important factor, noise dampening is an added bonus of insulated garage doors. Lightweight, uninsulated doors tend to vibrate and create noise when in operation and allow more street noise into your home. The thicker and sturdier insulated doors dampen sound, making them a great choice if you have a bedroom above your garage.
  • Protection for stored items – Fluctuating temperatures can damage items that are typically stored in a garage. For example, extreme heat can cause the consistency of paint to change. Extreme weather conditions can also harm materials such as fertilizers, motor oils, cleaning supplies, and other chemicals. Of course, an insulated garage door can also protect vehicles, furniture, and your garage band’s musical instruments and electronics from those extreme temperature changes too.

Why Shop at NationServe for Your Insulated Garage Doors?

For all your garage door services in Colorado Springs and in communities across the nation, turn to NationServe. We are one of the country’s largest garage and overhead door specialists, with 18 locations throughout the United States, from Washington State to North Carolina. We’ve built that national reputation on our thorough understanding of the needs of local homeowners, contractors, builders, and architects in every area. Come in to your local NationServe showroom, and you’ll find a neighborly garage door expert who can recommend a garage door with an R-value appropriate to your needs, your climate, and your budget.

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From Wayne Dalton garage doors to Genie openers, we source innovative products that are designed to endure and are backed with the experienced installation, dependable maintenance, excellent warranties, and hassle-free repairs that have always characterized our commitment to our customers. Contact NationServe and request a quote for your new insulated garage door.

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