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Photo of a big family during Thanksgiving dinner, celebrating holiday together in the backyard

How to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner Party in Your Garage

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. It also means a house full of guests, kids, pets, and food—lots of food. For some, that sends stress shivers right down your spine.

Fighting through the grocery store to find the perfect turkey is a struggle on its own. Cleaning the house from top to bottom is another one. On top of all that, you have to create an immaculate meal to serve family and friends. But, this year’s Thanksgiving gathering doesn’t have to be stressful. Utilize a big space in your house that tends to be forgotten—the garage.

Here are tips to host a Thanksgiving dinner party in your garage.

Create a Plan of Attack and Stick To It

It’s next to impossible to pull off an elaborate event by just winging it. Make this time of the year easier by creating a plan ahead of time. Create a checklist for all the tasks and must-buys for the dinner party. What items need to be purchased? When does the turkey need to go in the oven? Do you have enough plates and cutlery?

By creating a comprehensive plan, and sticking to it, you’re sure to get everything done and prepared on time.

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Ask for Help

Thanksgiving isn’t the time to be the hero and do everything on your own. Ask for help and take it when offered. You can also ask your guests to bring side dishes or appetizers to take some of the load off your shoulder.

Be a master of delegation. Designate a task to each family member so that everyone works together and shares the efforts for the event.

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Prepare Ahead of Time

From decorating to cooking, get as much done beforehand. Finalize the menu, and clean the garage the weekend before the event. Peel and cut vegetables, thaw your meats, prepare your sauces and desserts, hang ornaments in the garage—all these can be done the day before. Have the table, chairs, tablecloths, napkins, and utensils ready the morning of the party.

Welcome Guests with Drinks

Have drinks near the door and ready for each guest as they walk in. Whether it’s wine, beer, or tea, your guests won’t notice if the dinner runs a bit late as long as they have a drink in hand. This is also a great chance to welcome your guests personally as they arrive.

Relax and Enjoy

Don’t forget that Thanksgiving is for you as well. People come over because they want to be with you and your family, so relax and enjoy your party. Pour yourself a drink and mingle with your guests. Since you have a time schedule of everything, you know when to take a breather and when to go back to the kitchen.

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When things don’t go as planned, take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and remember that this day is all about being thankful. Live in the spirit of Thanksgiving and find moments to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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