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Steel Garage Doors vs. Aluminum Garage Doors

Take a stroll through the quiet streets of the historic Oakwood neighborhood or a drive through the affordable suburb of Wade and you’ll see all kinds of garage doors in Raleigh, from elegant old carriage house doors to sleek and shiny contemporary garage doors.

Steel Garage Door in Raleigh


Would you be surprised to learn that the beautifully grained carriage house garage door is actually made of insulated steel and that the very modern panels are actually aluminum? If you associate steel and aluminum garage doors with the typical, builder’s white or beige overhead doors installed on thousands of homes across the country, visit your nearest NationServe showroom to see what today’s steel and aluminum doors look like!

What Is the Best Material for a Garage Door?

NationServe showroom staff hear this question fairly often from shoppers who are bewildered by the number of choices on display. There is an answer to that question—but the answer depends on who asks it, and where! The uninsulated aluminum garage door that’s the perfect budget-friendly solution in Tucson may leave you freezing in your Spokane Valley garage workshop.  When you come to NationServe, we’ll take the time to understand how you use your garage and why you’re replacing your garage door before we make a recommendation.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel Garage Door


Steel garage doors are very popular all across the USA for many reasons, and because of their popularity, garage door manufacturers make them in a staggering variety of sizes, colors, finishes, styles and configurations. Here’s why steel doors are so popular:

  • They’re affordable and available in prices to fit every budget
  • They’re durable and, with care, can last for decades
  • They’re customizable, with plenty of colors, hardware, and window options
  • They can be embossed with a wood grain finish to blend with traditional exteriors
  • They can be insulated with R-values upwards of R-17 for comfortable use in all seasons
  • Most contemporary steel doors are factory-finished to resist rust

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum Garage Door in Spokane Valley


Aluminum garage doors can deliver an astonishing designer look on a relatively tight budget. Here’s why you might want to consider purchasing an aluminum garage door:

  • They’re naturally rustproof and require little maintenance
  • They’re lighter than steel doors and may work better with older openers
  • They usually cost less than steel doors although thicker aluminum doors may cost about the same as steel doors
  • They can be customized with glass panels to bring natural light into the garage

If you live in a fairly mild climate and in an urban neighborhood where resistance to storm damage and tree branches is not a concern, an aluminum garage door or a glass and aluminum garage door might be just the thing to give your home a sophisticated downtown flair.

Does the Thickness of a Garage Door Matter?

The thickness of your garage door affects more than the price. The least expensive steel garage doors may be no more than 1/8 inch in thickness; these doors usually offer little or no insulation and they are also more easily dented than thicker doors.

NationServe’s selection of insulated steel doors are made of thicker steel layers with up to 1½ inches of insulating foam between the layers. A thicker, insulated door will keep the garage warmer, filter out street noise, and prevent cold spots in rooms above the garage. If you want to keep your teen’s garage band or your workshop projects in the garage, a thick, insulated steel door will give you the best combination of cost-effectiveness, durability and comfort.

Deciding on the Right Material for Your Garage Door

Although it may be tempting to choose your garage door based solely on the cost and appearance, you really should take the opportunity to browse all the options available to you at NationServe. In addition to durable steel and stylish glass and aluminum doors, we also carry vinyl, fiberglass, and wood garage doors—and we have the trained and passionate people to help walk you through your decision.

Your satisfaction with your garage door purchase, installation, and maintenance is the highest priority to us. Visit any of our locations throughout the country and let us provide you with the answers to all of your garage door questions.

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