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Style by State: Sizzling Southwest

Pink sunsets drench the desert with a rustic glow, while coyotes howl in the distance.

Zesty eats, magnificent canyons, ancient ruins—in the Southwest, your senses are set ablaze with rich experiences, yet you still savor the moment at a cowboy’s pace.

Here, Spanish, Mexican, and Native American culture mingle with American frontier influences, creating architecture and designs unlike anything else in the country.

This month, our Albuquerque and Tempe sales departments shared what makes Southwestern style so exotic and striking.

How would you describe Southwest style?

Albuquerque, New Mexico:

“Our residential construction style is mainly Pueblo Revival and Spanish architecture.”

Tempe, Arizona:

“The metro Phoenix area has a variety of architectural styles. Ranch homes are still popular in the more established neighborhoods throughout the valley. In newer communities, designers have brought in more diversity with modern, Spanish, and traditional Southwest styles. This eclectic mix is the perfect platform to feature our many Wayne Dalton garage door designs.”

Steeped in centuries of indigenous history, the Pueblo Revival style keeps Southwesterners cool with cubic blocks, stucco walls, and exposed wood elements. Meanwhile, Spanish architecture stands tall with stately towers, clay roofs, and arched porches.

Which garage door designs and products are most popular?

Albuquerque, NM:

“Most New Mexicans gravitate toward Steel Garage Doors with raised Colonial panels. A few builders now customize Steel Doors with the gridded Sonoma pattern, which is a great match for our Southwestern architecture. But, Modern Glass Garage Doors have also increased in popularity.”

best modern garage door

Tempe, AZ:

“Steel Garage Doors perform best in our dry and arid climate. The high insulation rating keeps the summer heat from radiating into the garage, while requiring less maintenance. Homeowners often personalize their Classic Steel Garage Doors Models 8300 and 9100 with Sonoma Ranch, Contemporary, and Colonial panels.”

Endlessly versatile, Steel Garage Doors score top marks for the Southwest’s style and functional needs. Embossed patterns, decorative hardware, and neutral colors create a rustic look, while the sturdy, energy-efficient material stands up to sweltering temperatures.

Can you share a NationServe project that best showcases Southwest style, trends, and lifestyles?

Albuquerque, NM:

“Across neighborhoods on Albuquerque’s west side, we’re working with Pulte Homes to install an array of Steel Garage Doors with Sonoma panels. This pattern matches nicely with the home styles in new developments throughout the city and surrounding areas. A new trend among Southwestern builders, this style is bound to catch on in the retrofit market.”

Tempe, AZ:

“Single-family communities, such as Shea Homes’ new Marbella Vineyards project, offer homeowners striking garage door designs that set their homes apart. Modern Glass Garage Doors 8800 are gaining in popularity, looking elegant with contemporary homes. The full-view windows enhance curb appeal and entice homeowners who seek a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.”

With sleek designs like Steel and Modern Glass, Southwestern architecture gets a fresh twist, blending beautifully with desert landscapes and featuring smart, convenient technology.

From outdoor thrills to multicultural history, the Southwest never fails to captivate, as our Albuquerque and Tempe sales teams have aptly illustrated. Join us next month as we unearth new garage door trends in another fascinating American region.

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