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4 Simple Garage Solutions for Your Post-Christmas Clutter

The Christmas season surely leaves us with a lot of good memories. But what does the holiday cheer leave behind our garage? The Ghost of Christmas Past — Christmas clutter.

Don’t get frustrated just yet! 

Don’t let the holiday clean-up rob the joy out of you this new year. Here are four, clever garage storage solutions that will make you want to open your garage door and show off a tidy, functional space year-round.

1. Sort Before You Stow Garage Items

Your garage may be one of your family’s dumping grounds. For all the stuff that’s competing with your garage space, post-Christmas is the best time to purge all the junk. To start sorting, you have to go through absolutely everything piled up in your garage.

  • Create a list of all the things you see and jot down your clean-up strategy. There’s no better way than drafting a floor plan as an initial step to this garage makeover.
  • Start grouping related items and categorize them according to their frequency of use and type as these will determine your garage layout.
  • Determine which items are going for donation, garage sale, or trash pile.

One helpful tip is: as you receive one gift, toss away two older items. Examples are outgrown toys, stained linens, outdated decorations, and broken or unrepairable materials. Generally speaking, things you haven’t used for over two years deserve to lay rest in another place. This way helps you avoid further addition to the clutter. Lastly, schedule a yard sale, throw the unnecessary stuff away, and donate useful items that you don’t want anymore.

2. Label Sturdy Boxes

Just randomly packing your garage items in boxes immediately defeats the purpose of decluttering. Before setting aside the boxes, make sure to load them properly.

  • Choose boxes that are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the items inside and items that will be placed on top.
  • Consolidate items in well-marked boxes into broad categories like sports gear, garden tools, house or repair tools, and holiday ornaments.
  • It also helps to list common items under each category to easily determine where to find certain things.

Strategically place items inside the box by placing heavy items at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Attach labels to all sides of the box to easily spot what’s inside. While plastic containers may sound like a good idea, these can eventually form mildew.

3. Stack Them High

Make the most out of your vertical space by stacking up boxes or containers.

  • It will be easier to stack boxes if you only use two box sizes. This is to ensure that the stacks will not fall or tip over.
  • Your stacks should look like an aisle so you can retrieve items without having to move everything out of the way.
  • Place heavy boxes at the bottom and lighter ones at the top for more stability.
  • Stash seasonal items and those that are not frequently used at hard-to-reach spots.

4. Tie and Hook That Christmas Tree

Store-bought Christmas trees can last longer with proper care which involves determining where to store the star of the holiday decorations.

  • When storing rarely used items, such as your Christmas tree, use cloth instead of plastic to help absorb moisture. The cloth will also serve as a gentle wrapping so the tree stays in good shape.
  • Use heavy duty hooks to hang the tree while making sure their placement doesn’t interfere with the movement of your automatic garage door.

Start your 2017 with a clean and organized home. Stretch out your garage’s function and turn it into a mess-free storage of seasonal items with these smart solutions.

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