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Should I Upgrade My Garage Door?

Replacing your garage door with a newer model is an easy way to enhance your home’s exterior, conserve energy, and boost the overall value of your home. Look for these signs that it could be time to upgrade your garage door.

Garage Door Upgrade Before

Out of Style

Did you know that the average garage door accounts for 40% of your home’s façade? That makes your old-fashioned garage door hard to miss, and your curb appeal could be taking a hit. Consider opting for a stylish upgrade that complements the architecture of your home. From fiberglass with a luxe wood grain finish to contemporary glass panels, there are endless Wayne Dalton design options for you to choose from.

If you’re unsure which style is the right fit for your home, visit our online design center to explore your options. Simply upload a photo of your home and try out a variety of materials and panel styles until you find the perfect garage door.

Frequent Malfunctions


If you find yourself sinking valuable time and money into repairing a persistent garage door problem, it might be worth replacing the garage door altogether. But before taking the plunge, consult our expert technicians to determine whether the problem can be solved with a simple repair. Our 15-point safety inspection of your garage door and 12-point inspection of your garage door opener will help determine whether your system is due for an upgrade.

Outdated Features

While older garage doors may be solidly built, they aren’t always equipped with the same state-of-the-art efficiency, insulation, and safety features as newer models. If you’re experiencing issues with keeping your garage free of water and debris, you might want to consider swapping your door out for a newer model that features sealing joints and weatherstripping. You’ll also reduce the risk of garage door related injuries with features like safety mats, obstruction sensors and photo optics. At NationServe, we’ll help you customize your new garage door with top-of-the-line safety features from the Miller Edge line of superior products.

Garage Door Upgrade After


Contact your local NationServe branch today, and we’ll help you select, install, and maintain your new garage door.

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