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6 Safety Tips For a Great Garage Barbecue Party This 4th of July

July 4th is such a momentous event that many people eagerly plan out how to celebrate it and make the most of the day. If there’s one thing that distinctly represents this special event better than any other celebrations, it’s a barbecue party right in the garage.


Although preparing delicious cuts of meat and side dishes takes most of your time, you also need to consider a few measures to make your garage cookout safe and to avoid any accidents or mishaps. Below are useful safety tips for a stress-free and fun garage barbecue party this 4th of July.

1. Check your grill’s manual for safety precautions

Some people often start barbecuing even before they lay their eyes on the grill’s manual. If it’s your first time using a hefty, five-burner gas barbecue or even just a simple, hooded gas grill, it’s important to read the manual in case there are special setup and safety instructions that you need to note.

2. Set up your grill away from flammable materials

When setting up the grill, be sure to place it away from combustible materials. Set it up in front of your garage so that smoke disperses easily. Keep your grill away from your garage door to protect it from fire and smoke stains.

We recommend placing your grill away from deck railings, eaves, or overhanging branches if your house is surrounded with trees or plants. If you have children or pets, keep them at least three feet away from your grilling area to avoid injuries like thermal burns.

3. Inspect your gas grill before using it

One of the main causes of fire when barbecuing is the gas grill forming an obstruction in the area where fuel passes through. This can happen anywhere—behind, underneath, or inside your grill.

Inspect your grill regularly to ensure gas isn’t leaking. If you start noticing signs of leakage, turn off the gas grill’s control buttons and fuel tank immediately, and be sure to disconnect any cords.

4. Store away important items

Remember that you’re using your garage as your grilling area for a day. On typical days, it still is your functional garage where you park your car and keep your tools and other equipment.

When grilling inside your garage, you have to store away your essentials, especially those that are flammable. Always ensure that they are kept far from the grill. Gas grills are extremely hot and can easily melt or burn objects made from plastic and wood.

5. Secure your home during the party

Opening up your garage means increasing the chances of strangers or passersby breaking into your home. If possible, lock your house while all your family and friends are in the garage. To ensure everyone has access to the washroom, assign someone to be the key keeper of the house.

6. Keep the family hydrated

Since 4th of July falls in the summer, your guests may face higher chances of heat exhaustion or dehydration. Always keep a cooler full of refreshing drinks and water bottles to hydrate your family and friends. To avoid heat exhaustion, limit direct sun exposure to a few minutes at a time, if possible.

If you encounter problems with your garage door during or after the barbecue party, the best solution to your ‘garage door repair near me’ search is contacting your local NationServe branch to schedule a repair service.

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