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What to Expect During a Residential Garage Door Installation

Hooray! You’ve finally found the perfect garage door for your home and purchased it. It’s now time to prepare for the garage door installation.

Installing a garage door demands a lot of planning. Our technicians need a safe working environment to ensure proper installation and to avoid any injuries. If we can’t access the garage, objects are in the way, or we have no electrical access, the installation may not happen.

We’ve come up with some pointers to help you prepare for the installation day.

But First, Just a Quick Reminder

We know that you’ve gone through hours of research, have looked into different designs and garage door prices, and finally settled on your dream garage door. If you’re half sure about the garage door you’ve selected or you’re eyeing a new style, feel free to call us and we can talk about your options. Our priority is your satisfaction.

If you haven’t used our Design Center, please try it out. This tool is very helpful in visualizing what your house will look like with the garage door design you’ve chosen. Sometimes you have to see the big picture to determine if it’s really a good fit.

Here’s what you need to know during a garage door installation:

Pre-Installation Check

garage door installation

After you’ve finalized your purchase, we’ll send our garage door technicians to evaluate the site. This will help us assess your project better to provide the best installation service possible. After inspecting your garage, we’ll schedule an installation day based on your availability.

Installation Day

garage door installation

Make sure that you remind yourself of the day of the delivery and installation by marking it on your calendar, or setting an alarm for it. You can expect that our garage door technicians will arrive on time and adhere to the highest standards of customer service. Cleanup and disposal of your old garage door are also included in the installation service at most locations.

Before We Leave

garage door installation

Our work isn’t yet done after we install your new garage door. We’ll thoroughly inspect the newly installed garage door to make sure everything works correctly. We’ll also show you how to program your remote, and then provide you with the user manual. Before we leave, we ensure that you know everything you need to operate and maintain your garage door.

Bonus Tips

Here are five need-to-know tips to ensure the installation process runs smoothly.

1. Clean the garage before our installers arrive. Be sure to remove anything that may get in the way of our installers, like your tools, equipment, storage boxes, and other personal belongings. Make sure that the site installation is clear of debris and that we’ll be working on a flat, solid surface.

2. Check your framing first. If you’re unsure about garage door frames, read this document or contact us.

3. Make sure that your garage opening specifications meet our requirements. Contact us to learn more about this.

4. Make sure our installers have electrical access, preferably a direct power source, as electrical cords can pose safety hazards.

5. Remember that you have to be present during the installation, as we need access to the garage.

Ready for your own ingenious garage door? We can make it happen. Contact your nearest NationServe location, learn more about our Wayne Dalton garage doors, or request a garage door installation today.

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