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Replacing Garage Door Panels

After years of buying and selling sparkling new McMansions, many Americans are now buying older homes. It’s not just that older homes, built when land was less expensive, tend to have larger yards, or that these homes are often found in gracious, tree-lined neighborhoods. Many homebuyers are also drawn to the idea of buying an affordable fixer-upper and making it modern and comfortable while preserving its unique craftsmanship and architectural character. The garage door is one element of an older home that often needs attention.

Shabby Chic Doesn’t Apply to Garage Doors

No architectural style is complemented by a door that’s sagging, dented, rusted, or rotted. If you live in a part of the country which has experienced severe weather, such as tornados or hurricanes, your garage door may be showing significant damage beyond the normal wear and tear expected through decades of use. If you’ve just moved into an older home, we strongly recommend that you call your local NationServe for inspection and garage door service. Charlotte and Raleigh homeowners, for instance, or homeowners in Texas, whose garage doors are still in good condition, should also think about hurricane proofing older doors. In fact, your home insurer may require that this be done before issuing a policy to protect you in the event of hurricane damage.


Why You Shouldn’t Replace Garage Door Panels

Budget-conscious buyers may consider replacing individual damaged panels, rather than replacing an entire garage door. Although this may seem like a cost-effective solution in the short-term, there can be several disadvantages to replacing only the panels and not the entire door:

  • Color inconsistency – As your garage door ages, the color fades. Exposure to sunlight and the elements will cause the color to change over time. This means that any new replacement panels are going to stand out from the old.
  • Hard-to-find garage door parts – If you have an older garage door, it may be difficult to find parts for the panel replacement. You may end up spending a lot more on the panel replacement simply because the garage door technician has had to spend time researching to track down the right parts to complete the job.
  • Warranty – Adding a new panel to your existing garage door may void your warranty on the entire garage door system. This means you’re left footing a new bill should you require more expensive repairs or replacements in the future – a very likely prospect in the case of a really old garage door.
  • Cost – Although replacing a single panel may be less expensive than replacing the entire door, you may find the purchase of a new NationServe garage door less expensive and a better value in the long run than replacing multiple panels.



Benefits of Installing a New Garage Door

Whether you’re dealing with strong winds in North Carolina or extremes of heat and cold in Ohio and the Midwest, fully replacing your damaged garage door with a new model provides a wide range of benefits. A new garage door means:

  • Increased safety – Newer garage door models incorporate sensors which make for a safer operation and lessen the chance of accidents and injuries. Smart technology features also help you keep your home and family secure.
  • Money saved – As a garage door system ages, it will require frequent maintenance and repairs to keep it working. Replacing an old door with a newer model will save you time and money in frequent garage door service calls.
  • Improved energy efficiency – Nowadays, garage door manufacturers are more aware of the need for energy efficiency. New garage doors are better insulated than older models which can help keep your garage at a more consistent and comfortable temperature and reduce heat loss or air conditioning through the garage. Rooms adjacent to the garage will feel more comfortable with these energy-efficient, insulated doors.
  • Better curb appeal – Let’s face it, a new garage door looks nice. With so many designs, styles, and materials available for garage doors, you can easily find one that suits your existing exterior décor.
  • High return on investment – If you ever plan on selling your home, having a new, up-to-date garage door system will add significant market value.

Interested in new garage doors? Charlotte, Cincinnati, Houston and other cities throughout the United States can turn to NationServe for professional garage door installation.

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