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3 Pin-worthy Garage Door Trends

As gateways for our vehicles, workshops, and storage, garages are ever-present in our day-to-day lives. Often, they’re utilitarian, no-frills spaces—but, with a little ingenuity, garages can be so much more.

Imagine the possibilities: what if you transformed your garage into a modern living space? Or, if you used it to harness sustainable energy for your garden? How about installing a garage door in your actual home, creating open yet flexible walls?

Yes, these ideas may sound a little unconventional. But, if you carefully research, prepare, and consult with your specialists at NationServe, your garage (and its door) can truly transform the way you live.

Start your garage conversion journey with our curated ideas, trends, and technology from Pinterest.

Trending for Good Reason: Garage Suites




Photo Credits: Pinterest

Moving into a garage may sound like a major lifestyle change for most homeowners. Certainly, paring down your living space can be intimidating. But, it’s a great opportunity to create a contemporary, streamlined place to call home.

When decorating your suite, be sure to favor clean colors, modern furniture, and minimalist décor to maximize usability and declutter your daily routine.

Garage suites can also reduce your environmental footprint in a big way, especially if you install a smaller heating and cooling system than the one in your home.

Preferring this simpler lifestyle, some homeowners choose to fully move into their garage, while renting out their houses. Plus, if you’re looking to eventually sell your home, a garage suite is a smart way to boost property value.

Our Garage Door Tips

• It’s essential to insulate your space, keeping it the right temperature across seasons. We recommend installing our Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Doors, which come in R-values 12 to 16, providing our highest insulation.

• If your garage has a second story, both the walls and the door need to be especially well insulated. This will accommodate for the heat transfer between floors.

• Want to create a more subtle, stylish look? Customize your steel garage door with our wood-grain colors, and add rectangular windows to let natural light into your space.

• Finish off your suite with our LiftMaster Elite Series Wall Mount. This high-tech opener attaches to the wall rather than the ceiling, creating valuable standing space.

Fulfill Your Nature: Green-powered Garages


Photo Credits: Pinterest

Garden lovers, rejoice: there’s a way to fuel your green thumb, while helping protect the nature around you.

Why not make your garage a seamless aspect of your garden?

Add abundant potted plants, flowing from your garage into your backyard. Arrange cushy seating inside the garage for a cozy rainy day retreat, and set up patio furniture in the yard for festive summer barbecues.

Install a solar roof on your garage to reduce electricity costs and provide a sustainable energy source. Solar technology is now more sophisticated than ever, so you won’t have to compromise on style at all. Elon Musk’s SolarCity has debuted powerful yet sleek solar shingles that blend onto your roof.

To top it all off, create a dreamy ambiance by connecting pathway lamps and fairy lights to your solar panel system.

Our Garage Door Tips

• For your green-powered garage, we recommend our Modern Glass Garage Doors, which create an open, bright atmosphere throughout the interior.

• These doors provide a full view into the garage, shedding natural light on your plants, while also saving on electricity.

• Bear in mind that glass garage doors have a lower insulation R-value. Only install them if you live in a state with temperate weather conditions or you have a space with good insulation.

Inside-out Interiors: Rethinking the Garage Door






Photo Credits: Pinterest

Open-concept homes are known for their spacious, free-flowing designs. But, homes with more interior walls are also great for creating private, defined rooms. How can you create the perfect blend of open and closed spaces in your home?

Well, with a garage door, you can have the best of both worlds.

Install a garage door as an exterior wall to your kitchen or living room, facing your backyard. You’ll create a revitalizing patio space where you can relax on summer days. In cooler seasons, you can close the door with the push of a button.

Inside your home, garage doors make for eye-catching room separators. Hang the door on a metal slider to section off your living room from your dining area.

Our Garage Door Tips

• Again, good insulation is crucial in any living space. At R-value 11.75, our Specialty Vinyl Doors balance the temperature in your home.

• Vinyl garage doors are also low-maintenance, protecting from color fading, rust, and damage.

• Amp up the modern look and create visibility with sleek, rectangular windows.

• For an exterior garage door, you’ll need a fast, quiet, and secure opener—we recommend our Genie IntelliG Pro Series

Find Your Ingenuity

Whether it’s a contemporary living space, indoor-outdoor garden, or stylish wall separator, garage doors can open new, inventive design possibilities in your home.

Work with your local NationServe specialist to make these unconventional garage door ideas a stunning reality.


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