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4 Ways to Plan a St. Patrick’s Day Garage Party

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to put on our thinking cap. Planning a party days ahead is always a good way to start. What do we need to do? Design invitations? Pick up food? Set up games? Don’t fret if you haven’t started anything yet. Here are four simple ways to help you have a blast with your family and friends right in your garage this St. Paddy’s Day,

1. Send Out Invitations


Typically, only 70 to 80 percent of invited guests attend. If you’re inviting 20 people, better invite 25 (20 percent more) just to make sure you have a full house, or garage, for that matter.

Remember to follow up a couple of days before the party date so you can estimate the number of guests you are having on the actual day. You can then adjust or prepare based on the number of people attending.

2. It Isn’t St. Paddy’s Day if It’s Not Green


Did you know that the color green has been associated with Ireland since the 1640s? Decorate your garage by adding touches of green like table runners and string lights to fit with the theme of your party. And while you’re at it, encourage your guests to wear green.

You don’t have to buy new decorations; put that money instead towards party drinks and treats. You can upcycle old plastic cups into party banners or old CDs into coasters. Use your creativity to make use of your existing materials to make the party truly green.

3. Have a Cocktail Style Party


If you have a limited garage space, it’s best to go with finger food and cocktail style servings for the party to save some table space. This will be even more interesting because traditional Irish food is usually served in large portions and turning these dishes to bite-size servings will be something different.

If you have a bigger space with double garage doors, you can set up a self-serve bar. Let your guests explore their inner barista and mix their own concoctions.

4. Play Irish Games With a Twist


There are plenty of traditional Irish games you can play and put a twist on.

  • Ring toss is a game where the players throw a ring onto a peg. The goal is to get the most number of rings in the peg within a given number of tries. Twist the game up by using beer bottles as pegs. The losers will then have to drink the beer.
  • Another popular game with Irish origins is darts. Put a twist on the game by mixing it up with pin the tail on the donkey. And, instead of a donkey, use a leprechaun with a golden pot. Whoever hits the leprechaun’s gold is the winner.
  • Another idea is hiding printed four leaf clovers all over the garage for your guests to hunt for and find.

Follow these simple tips to lessen the stress of planning and hosting a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day party.

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