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Style by State: Mountainous Montana

Montana overflows with natural treasures.

It’s home to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, where saw-tooth peaks, turquoise lakes, and bubbling geysers fascinate millions of tourists each year.

Because Montana is so immersed in nature, outdoor activities are simply a way of life. From fly-fishing to wildlife encounters, there’s enough entertainment to thrill adventurers of all kinds. Montana’s natural landscapes also provide a flourishing backdrop for ranching and agriculture, as well as a slew of craft microbreweries that have emerged in recent years.

Let’s hear firsthand from our Missoula location about Montana’s high-altitude aesthetic and garage door trends.

How would you describe Montana’s style?

 “Historically, homes have featured a traditional, squared look, with a colonial or ranch-style appearance. In the mountains, a more rustic appeal, with Carriage or Wood Garage Doors, sets the landscape of the home.”


Colonial homes echo back to the days of Lewis and Clark, when European traders first settled in Montana. Emerging in the 1960s, ranch-style architecture’s low-to-the-ground, open layouts epitomize the endless landscapes of the American West.

Which garage door designs and products are most popular?

“Every customer has a different vision for their garage doors when they come into the showroom. Lately, Steel Garage Doors have been popular, especially in black with vertical lights and flush panels. Monochromatic grey homes seem to be ‘in’ right now, and black doors look amazing on them. Our Modern Glass Garage Doors are also in high demand.”


Boasting classic style and durable construction, Steel Garage Doors add an elegant touch to Montana’s traditional homes. Modern Glass Garage Doors are an eye-catching, trendy option for newer builds.

Can you share a NationServe project that best showcases Montana’s style, trends, and lifestyles?

“One of our clients recently built a contemporary home on top of a steep hill with amazing views. Featuring an aluminum frame and full-view windows, the Modern Glass Garage Door we installed did not disappoint. When helping customers select a garage door for a project like this, I focus on finding a beautiful, functional design that adds value to their home.”

What a bold, ambitious project—it’ll undoubtedly make a statement on Montana’s alpine horizons.

From stunning summits to wild rivers, Montana’s natural beauty strongly influences the region’s lifestyles and architecture. Thanks to our Missoula sales team, Montanans receive customized garage doors tailored to their tastes and local needs.

Looking for the right garage door to match your state’s style and climate? Contact your nearest NationServe location, get a product quote, or request a service call today.

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