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A Back-to-School Project: How to Create a Fun Kids’ Hangout Space in Your Garage

Whether you’re organizing playdates with the neighborhood kids or you simply want them to have a designated play area, here are some tips on how to turn your garage into a fun kids’ hangout place.


Create a Kid-Friendly Zone

To ensure that the kids can comfortably enjoy the playroom in both the summer and winter, choose the right R-value rating for your garage door. We recommend our Classic Steel Garage Doors 8300 and 8500, with a high insulation rating of 14, which can help keep the garage cool during summer and warm when it’s cold outside. A high R-value rating also helps reduce street noise.

Paint the walls with warm, vibrant colors to brighten up the space. For flooring, you can use soft carpet, rugs, or interlocking foam tiles. The latter are quite cheap and easy to put together.

To add some natural lighting into the new hangout space, go for a garage door with window accents. Opt for tinted or frosted windows to let daylight in while maintaining privacy.

Use the Wall as Their Canvas

Install a chalkboard on the wall of the garage or, alternatively, cover the wall with chalkboard paint. You can also put up huge drawing papers so that the kids can color and explore their creativity.


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By giving the kids a designated wall to draw or paint on, there will be less scribbles and mess around the house. That’s a win-win situation!

Store, Store, Store

Clutter is inevitable when you build a playroom. Use the garage space wisely by placing shelves and baskets to stow away toys and create a closet for costumes and accessories. Rule of thumb: make sure every toy has its place.

It’s also important to teach the kids to end every play session with a little clean-up. Patience and persistence are paramount in this case. With everyone chipping in to help, the playroom will be easier to clean and organize.

Introduce Learning Through Playing

This is a space for kids to hangout and enjoy—but it can also be a place where they can expand their minds. Throughout the garage, place educational toys to spark critical thinking and new ideas while playing.

Build a Climbing Wall

Installing a climbing wall might be a challenging project, but it’s definitely doable with a little bit of elbow grease.


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Of course, safety is always the priority. Observe these precautionary measures to avoid injuries during playtime:

  • Clear the area to prevent kids from falling on toys
  • Place a dense foam mat as the crash pad
  • Make sure the climbing grips are solidly built on the wall
  • Supervise the kids closely during play time

Most injuries occur because too many kids are climbing the wall at once. Remind everyone to take turns and to be safe.

It doesn’t take a lot of money or time to turn your garage into a hangout place for fun, learning, and adventurous tasks. Ask the kids to join you in the makeover process. They might give you some brilliant ideas to add to the playroom―it’s their spot after all.

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