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How to Program Your Genie Intellicode Remote: 6 Simple Steps

Now that you’ve purchased a Genie Intellicode opener for your home’s garage, NationServe takes you through how to program it for the first time.

Before reading the instructions below, locate the small black or red Learn Code Button on your remote. If it’s not on the front of your remote behind the light cover, turn it over and look directly above the antenna wire. The red Learn Indicator LED Light is beside the Learn Code Button.


  • Quickly press and release the Learn Code Button without holding it down.
  • Watch until the Learn Indicator LED Light blinks twice per second.
  • Press the main Garage Opener Button, and you’ll see the Learn Indicator Light go solid.
  • Once the Light is solid, press the Garage Opener Button again.
  • The Learn Indicator Light should now go out.
  • Once the Light is out, press the Garage Opener Button to make sure your Intellicode remote opens the door.


  • Your remote should be properly programmed after completing steps one through six.
  • If your door still doesn’t open or close, make sure the path is clear (i.e., move vehicles and any obstructions out of the way).
  • If it’s still not working, go through steps one through six again.
  • Swap out your LED garage lights for standard incandescent bulbs as LED lights can sometimes interfere with or block the remote signal.

Questions about your Genie Intellicode remote? NationServe is here to help. Contact one of our experienced technicians for garage door opener repairs or view your specific model’s instruction manual for more programming information.

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