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How to Find a Reputable Garage Door Repair Company

It’s Monday morning. You’ve packed lunches, made sure homework and backpacks are accounted for, and now, juggling your car keys, breakfast bar, travel mug, laptop case,  and gym bag, you head to the garage and manage to press your elbow on the garage door button—and nothing happens.

Believe it or not, the worst of it is not that your garage door isn’t opening, it’s that there are people out there who could potentially take advantage of you in your emergency.

Consumers across the nation have reported that they have been overcharged for garage door repair in Charlotte  or misled into purchasing expensive and unnecessary parts when they called for emergency garage door repair in Albuquerque just like this article from Door + Access Systems Magazine reports. Here are some ways you can avoid being taken for a ride when you need garage door repairs.

How to avoid being overcharged for service

Chips and Salsa: Your Guide to Avoiding Garage Door Emergencies

The most obvious first step to avoiding garage door emergencies is to buy a quality Wayne Dalton garage door from a professional garage door company and to maintain it annually. Walk into any of NationServe’s 18 showrooms across the country, and you’ll see and experience the difference that results from NationServe’s passion for innovation and customer service and a commitment to you.

Tech gurus often speak of the “chips and salsa” approach to engineering where hardware (chips) and software (salsa) are designed and produced by the same company—creating a more reliable and fully integrated system. NationServe brings that chips and salsa approach to our product catalog: we’re operationally aligned with Wayne Dalton which benefits you and ensures you’re purchasing a trusted quality product that will endure and that you can rely on us for outstanding maintenance and service programs.  When you buy a garage door or garage door opener from NationServe, our manufacturers’ outstanding warranties reflect our confidence that you’ve purchased a well-engineered product, exactly suited to your needs, that is correctly and professionally installed to give you the full value of your investment.

In addition to sales and installation, NationServe offers inspection, service, and garage door repairs throughout the United States. Schedule a service call, and we’ll come out to thoroughly examine the door and opener mechanisms and perform routine maintenance. Whether you’ve bought your garage door from us or not, if an emergency repair is ever necessary, you can rely on us for reliable, honest, guaranteed repairs. We repair and service all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers.

Garage Door Installation

More Tips to Avoid Scams

Just moved to a new city? If you’ve  purchased or rented a house with an older garage door, and you find yourself in need of emergency garage door repairs in Tucson , or routine garage door service in Houston, there are some ways you can be sure to find a reputable garage door service company.

  • Be cautious of companies which specialize in garage door repair and don’t offer any sales or installations. Such companies sometimes survive by overcharging customers who are in need of emergency repairs and don’t have time to get and compare multiple quotes. You can recognize some of these companies by the fact that they don’t publish a street address in their advertising and just operate out of a pick-up truck. However, keep in mind, that there are reputable small garage door companies that only provide repair and service calls. Always ensure you spend some time to research a company before you book a service call.
  • In the same vein, if you call a company and they answer with a vague name like “Garage Doors” and do not provide a company name, you should be mindful that there could be a reason why they’re not sharing their company name. To protect yourself, and understand whom you are inviting into your home, ask the operator for their company name so that you can research them and ensure they are reputable. These companies may be advertising under multiple names, especially if they’re leaving a trail of bad reviews. Again, these are companies that thrive by taking advantage of people who don’t have time to shop around.
  • Be careful of companies that have hundreds of positive online reviews that were posted over a short period of time. Take the time to read the reviews and the company’s responses. A good company will always provide a customer response regardless of whether the review is positive or negative.
  • Also watch out for companies that advertise a low service fee like $29.This is often a come-on, and the company will try to upsell you and tack on unnecessary parts and repairs to make up their costs. Cheaper does not mean better or that you’ll receive quality service.

NationServe builds trusting relationships with customers

Build a Relationship: Don’t Wait for an Emergency

We can advise you on how to find a reputable garage door repair company, but the fact is that the time to do your research isn’t when you’re stranded at home on a Monday morning and need to find a way to get to work. If you have an older garage door or hear some ominous sounds when it’s in operation:

  • Start by asking your friends and neighbors who they call for repairs
  • Look for companies that have a local showroom and offer sales, installations, and service
  • Check reviews  on your community’s Better Business Bureau website or other online review sites like Google and Facebook
  • Ask for estimates on inspection and garage door service and, if you’re comfortable with the company, schedule routine maintenance for your garage door
  • If you’re satisfied with the service, add the company’s number to your emergency contacts. If you’re not satisfied, keep looking!

One more tip! In these days when everything from grocery shopping to finding a prospective mate is done online, we sometimes forget the value of meeting face-to-face. If you’ve heard about a garage door company, and you’re running errands in their vicinity, why not stop in at their showroom and say hello?  If you meet with pushy salespeople, or if you’re left wandering around without anyone greeting you or offering to help, you can probably expect the same kind of treatment from field technicians. If you meet people who greet you warmly, listen to your questions, and offer knowledgeable answers and useful information, you’re on the right track!


Where are you going to find that customer-focused and knowledgeable team? You might find them at other companies, but we know you’re going to meet them at NationServe. Our mission is to build lasting relationships with our customers, whether you come in to purchase a garage door from us in Raleigh, call us for emergency garage door repair in Colorado Springs , or schedule annual garage door service and maintenance in Charlotte. Our recent name change to NationServe, from Wayne Dalton Genie Sales Centers, was driven by the desire to build relationships with our customers that extend over time and distance. You can be confident that when you call or visit a NationServe facility, you will be dealing with people who are committed to giving you the best in garage doors and garage door service. We look forward to serving you!


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