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How to Clean Your Wood Garage Doors

The sun is shining and you’ve pulled out your car from the garage. The family is outside, your favorite music is on the radio, and you’re finally going to give your vehicle a good clean, inside and out. If you are anything like us at NationServe, you might have even got carried away and started organizing your garage too. If that sounds like you, don’t forget about your garage door! Cleaning a wood garage door is easy as long as you take the necessary precautions.

Caring for your garage door is important, especially in warm and humid climates like Charlotte and Houston. If your door’s finish isn’t maintained, the dampness can ultimately affect the wooden Wayne Dalton garage door you purchased from NationServe.  We have prepared some useful tips to help you clean and care for your wooden garage doors, ensuring a beautiful look for years to come.

Yearly Upkeep

Your garage door should be inspected at least once a year by a trained professional. This inspection will verify that all your garage door parts are in good working order and not in need of replacement. An annual inspection is also a great time to take a look at the wear and tear on the surface of your garage door.

Before getting down and dirty with the cleaning process, consider checking your door for blemishes and scratches  to determine if your door should be repaired or replaced by one of our NationServe professionals. You can also use this time to make a list of all the repairs that may need to be done on the mechanical components and have this list handy when you call our office to book a service appointment. We’ve created a great blog that outlines the components of your garage door to help you get started.

Cleaning Tips

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to the exterior details of your home. Whether it’s your windows, lighting fixtures or garage door, a clean exterior helps to beautify your home and boost its curb appeal. Cleaning your Wayne Dalton wood garage door can be tricky. Since you’re not dealing with a durable surface like aluminum or steel, you have to be careful. You want to ensure that you don’t damage your door during the cleaning process. Here are a few tips to make sure the job is done right:

• Instead of using an undiluted detergent that could damage the finish on your wooden garage door, use a 1:5 concentration of detergent and warm water. This will lessen the intensity of your cleaning agent.
• Remove the dirt, chalk or mildew with a sponge or cloth.
• Rinse your wooden door with clean water and allow it to dry completely.

While cleaning, if you notice the finish on your wood garage door is eroded or thin, your garage door may need to be primed and refinished. Your local NationServe team can help you address the damages and determine if repairs are needed. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with your garage door owner’s manual, to ensure you do not undertake actions that might void the warranty.

Our garage door experts are always ready to assist with your installation, repair and maintenance needs. If you’re in the market for garage door repair or service in Charlotte, Houston, or Albuquerque, contact us today and open up to a beautiful garage door and greater returns on your investment.

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