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How to Clean Your Garage Door – Do’s and Don’ts

You’ve noticed that your garage door has accumulated a fair amount of dirt on its surface. How do you clean it and what cleaners and materials should you use? Usually rainfall will adequately clean the door, and you can also wash the door with a light garden hose. If your door needs a more thorough cleaning, we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts to help you clean your garage door the right way.

Clean your pre-finished steel garage door


  • Use a mild detergent solution such as a car wash or dish wash soap, or a product like Tide that has less than 0.5% phosphate. A mixture consisting of a cup of cleaner and five gallons of warm water will help remove most dirt.
  • For stubborn oil stains, use a diluted bleach and water solution to spot clean. You do not want to mix detergent and bleach so make sure your door is rinsed off if you started with the first point. After cleaning the stains, follow up with a thorough rinse.
  • Clean behind weather-stripping on the top and sides of the door
  • Remove caked on dirt with your hands
  • Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth or sponge to clean the door
  • Dry with a clean, soft cloth


  • DO NOT pressure wash your garage door
  • DO NOT use strong detergents with more than 0.5% phosphate
  • NEVER mix detergents or cleaners with bleach
  • DO NOT use rough or abrasive cloths that may scratch the door’s acrylic glazing
  • DO NOT use any window cleaning solutions, grit-filled cloths, scouring products, or solvent cleaners

Clean your wood garage door


  • Remove dirt and debris by cleaning your wood door with a mild detergent mixed in water (same as above)
  • After you finish washing, rinse the door with water and leave it to dry
  • If the finish is thin and starting to erode, clean the parts of the door where the wood substrate is showing through with your diluted detergent solution and then rinse your door and allow it to dry. Once the door is completely dry, prime the problem areas using an oil/alkyd primer. Follow up with a complete priming and finish coating
  • If no wood substrate is showing through, you may only need a finish coat

Make sure to check your Maintenance Brochure for more instructions and information on proper cleaning and maintenance especially if you have a wood door. Improper finishing may result in a voided warranty.

Cleaning is one way you can maintain your garage door and keep it in good condition. Another important way you can take care of your garage door is with preventative maintenance. Make sure your garage door has a long life by contacting us to inspect and maintain your door.

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