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Hassle-Free Garage Door Service Charlotte

Your last glimpse of home before you leave for work and your first look at home when you return are both directed at your garage door. But have you really looked at your garage door recently? Like every commonly used mechanical device, from your washing machine to your car, your garage door benefits from routine inspection and maintenance. You can help protect your investment in your garage door and garage door opener by keeping an eye and an ear out to spot minor issues before they turn into emergency repairs. Not mechanically inclined? Don’t worry: your nearest NationServe makes garage door maintenance easy!

Begin at the Beginning with Experienced Garage Door Installation

Proper garage door maintenance begins with correct installation. As the authorized dealer of Wayne Dalton® garage doors, NationServe has been able to offer intensive training to our sales and service staff to ensure that every garage door purchased at our nationwide showrooms is perfectly suited to our customers’ needs and that the installation and ongoing service are done to the highest standards. Whether you buy NationServe garage doors in Charlotte or across the country in the Spokane Valley, you can be confident of that consistently high quality of service. When you schedule installation with NationServe:

  • We do a pre-installation assessment at your home to make sure that we can complete the installation safely and quickly. Any potential problems are identified and dealt with prior to installation.
  • We send experienced and certified technicians to remove your old door and install your new door.
  • We thoroughly test your new door after installation and make any adjustments required.
  • We clean up after ourselves and leave you with some tips for maintaining your door in good condition.

Many people think they can save money on garage door installation by attempting to do it themselves. NationServe strongly recommends that you take advantage of our delivery and installation services. A garage door installation is complex and mistakes are dangerous; for your safety and to ensure safe operation of the door, schedule your installation when you purchase your door.


Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The most important thing that homeowners can do to maintain their garage doors and garage door openers is to be alert. Watch your garage door as it goes up and comes down. Does it roll smoothly and evenly into place or does it seem to get stuck? How does it sound? Do you hear anything unusual, such as a grinding or squeaking sound? These are all signs that you need garage door repair. From Charlotte in the southeast to Albuquerque in the desert southwest, you can get prompt, expert garage door service by calling NationServe or requesting service online.

Are you up for a little more in the way of garage door maintenance? Below are some garage door maintenance tips ranging from easy DIY projects to some that you should probably leave to your NationServe service team:

1. Take a look at the rubber weatherstripping at the bottom of your garage door.

  • Is it cracked or torn, gapping away from the door, or brittle when you touch it? These are signs that the weatherstripping needs to be replaced to keep rain and debris out of your garage.
  • Buy weatherstripping by the foot at your local hardware store, cut the length you need, and slot it into the weather seal groove along the lower edge of your door.

2. Test the balance of your garage door.

  • First, disengage the garage door opener by pulling the release cord.
  • Keeping your feet well out of the way of the door, push it halfway open (you should need only one hand to do this).
  • If the door starts sliding back down or keeps moving up, the spring tension is off. A great deal of compressed energy is loaded into the springs, making them very dangerous for homeowners to adjust.
  • If your balance test has uncovered a problem with the spring tension, request service online or call us!

3. By law, all new garage door openers are required to have an auto-reverse safety feature that ensures the door doesn’t come down if someone or something is in the way. 

The auto-reverse is activated by two photoelectric sensors, placed on either side of the garage door frame, just a few inches off the ground. If anything blocks the beam between these two sensors, the door will reverse. You can test whether this is working correctly by placing a brick or broom handle between the sensors and making sure the door reverses.

4. Wash your garage door. If you’ve got the garden hose out or you’re washing your car, you can:

  • Clean the surface of your garage door with a mild detergent.
  • Be careful not to scratch the paint. If you do find paint peeling or spots of rust on your garage door, call the experts at NationServe to repaint your door.  (Please keep in mind that painting a steel garage door by yourself can void your warranty.)

5. While you’re cleaning, take a look at the tracks. If there’s any debris on the tracks, these should be cleaned.

6. Lubricating the moving parts of your garage door opener once a year is a useful trick to keeping it in good condition. Spray a light coating of lubricant or citrus oil on the chain or screw and on the springs.

7. Inspect the rollers and cables.

  •  If you see cracks or chips on the rollers or broken strands on the cables, get down off your ladder and call NationServe.
  • The high-tension cables that raise your door can cause fatal injuries and repair to the cables or rollers attached to the cables should, therefore, be left to professionals.

You raise and lower you garage door several times a day. Ensure that your door and garage door opener work safely and dependably for years to come with regular garage door service. In Charlotte, and in cities across the United States, it’s as easy as filling out our online service request on your phone or computer or by calling the NationServe nearest you. Whether you’ve purchased your garage door from NationServe or not, our service teams can provide you same-day repairs and maintenance that can extend the life of your garage door and garage door opener and help you get the full value of both.

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