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Garage Door Opener opening a residential garage door.

Guide to Garage Door Openers

The right garage door opener provides day-to-day convenience and comfort knowing that your home is secure. Learn the ins and outs of garage door openers to ensure you’re choosing the right one for you. Below, we have provided a list of the most popular garage door opener systems.

Chain Drive

In addition to being the most affordable option, chain-driven garage door openers use a chain to push and pull a trolley that moves your door up and down. These operators have gained popularity for their reliability and budget-friendly price tag, but the downside is that they tend to operate loudly.

Give the chain-driven garage door opener a try with Genie’s ReliaG® Pro Series Model 2028. Not only does this model offer powerful and reliable performance, it’s also equipped with encryption technology that prevents hackers from gaining entry to your garage.

Chain drive garage door opener


Belt Drive

While belt-driven garage door openers are comparable to chain-driven openers in strength and dependability, they tend to operate more quietly and, as a result, are slightly more expensive. This type of operator uses a belt instead of a chain to push the trolley that moves your garage door.

An example of a belt-driven garage door opener is the Genie IntelliG® Pro Series Model 4024. Compatibility with Aladdin Connect makes this model special. Control and monitor your garage door using your tablet or smartphone and rest easy knowing that the door’s battery backup will allow you to open and close your door without using electricity.

Belt drive garage door opener


Ideal if you have a garage with a low ceiling or one obstructed by storage, jackshaft garage door openers save space by being mounted on the wall. This type of opener is also ultra-quiet, making it well-suited for homeowners with living space above their garage.

Free up the ceiling space in your garage by opting for the LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series. This model combines strength and speed in a sleek and compact package.

Jackshaft garage door opener

Top Garage Door Opener Controls

Garage door opener controls

Wall Control

Mounted on the wall inside your garage, this type of control pad comes standard with most new openers and allows you to open and close your door from inside your garage, as well as control lights, locks, and lockouts (i.e., vacation mode).

Remote Control

Gaining entry to your garage is easy with a portable remote control. Garage door remote controls are available in a variety of models and are easier than ever to program. Standard Genie garage door remote controls, for example, can be programmed in five simple steps.

Keyless Entry Pad

Mounted just outside your garage door, keyless entry pads are programmed with a custom security code to provide secure access to your garage.

Innovative Safety Features

Motion Activated Lights

Prevent accidents and discourage intruders with motion activated lights that automatically turn on when you enter your garage.

Battery Backup

Open and close your garage door, even when the power goes out, with a backup battery.

Smart Monitoring

Smart monitoring connects to your smartphone or tablet to give you access on the go. Control your garage door and monitor when it’s opened and closed all from the palm of your hand.


Sensors cast an invisible beam across your garage doorway to stop and reverse a closing door if a person or object obstructs its path.

Encryption Technology

Commonly referred to as a rolling code feature, this technology prevents others from recording the code emitted by your garage door remote control and using it to gain access to your garage.

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