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How to Transform Your Garage into an Awesome Haunted House This Halloween

Take the scary festivities to a whole new level this Halloween! Imagine hanging ghouls, dramatic lighting, eerie background music—right in your garage.

With these easy Halloween decorating projects, your house will be the most popular trick-or-treating stop on the block.

Here are some cool ideas to help you get started.

Inside the Garage


Create an Eerie Backdrop

The garage itself can be a nightmare—a cleaning nightmare, that is. Before you even start decorating, tidy up as much as you can. Anything left over can be covered with black tarps or fabric. The drapes will keep your belongings out of sight while acting as an eerie, pitch black backdrop.

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Build a Mini Maze

Instead of the usual trick-or-treating, ask the neighborhood kids to go through the maze to get their share of Halloween goodies. It also gives you the opportunity to hide scary decorations or have people jump out of blind corners.

To create the maze, hang black drapes from the ceiling using eye hooks and fishing lines. You can also stack boxes or plywood to build the maze walls.

Hang Scary Decorations

You can hang these DIY corpses, ghosts, bats, skeletons, and spider egg sacs from the ceiling throughout the maze. The fishing wire will look invisible, especially in the dark, which makes the decorations look like they’re actually floating.

Add Creepy Effects

Black lights, fog machines, and candles are simple additions to create an overall spooky haunted house.

Outside the Garage


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Create a Spooky Entrance

Entering the haunted house should be just as spooky as the decorations inside. Start with the driveway. Place tiki torches along the sides for a fiery, flickering entrance.

Cast Ghostly Shadows

Put lights on the ground near trees and bushes to cast large shadows bound, giving passersby an ominous feeling. You can also place little figurines in front of the lights to cast shadows of mummies or zombies.

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Make Zombie-inspired Decorations

Create a scary, wood pallet sign with this DIY project. This Walking-Dead-inspired decoration will give a creepy warning to those who dare to enter your garage.

The Fun Part—Your Costume

Here’s a costume idea that is both impressive and scary. Dress completely in black and drape yourself in a lighter color cape to create a floating effect.

The best haunted houses are filled with creativity. Let your imagination do the work. Good luck and have fun!

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