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Explore PNW Charm: Garage Doors Across Washington State

First, we explore Pacific Northwest charm

Whether it’s the alpine atmosphere in Colorado or the rustic allure of Arizona, across America, each state exudes its own unique vibe—and style.

Climate, landscapes, and culture all come together to influence a region’s lifestyle and design trends. And, this often influences people’s choices in garage and overhead doors—you’ve likely noticed certain aesthetics that are especially popular in your neighborhood.

As America’s Garage Door Specialists, we keep an ear to the ground on what’s fresh and new in the cities we serve across the United States.

That’s why, each month this year, NationServe is presenting the Style by State: Garage Doors Across America series. Our locations will reveal the top garage and overhead door trends in their states plus tips and tricks on how to emulate that region’s style.

This month, we begin with Washington State, the Pacific Northwest wonderland, revered for its natural and down-to-earth appeal.

For our first installation, we sat down with Brian from our Spokane sales department to learn about that distinct Pacific Northwest look and lifestyle.

How would you describe Pacific Northwest style?

“There’s quite a diversity of homes here. You’ll see lots of older neighborhoods with traditional houses, such as brick ranchers and two-story homes. But, there has also been an uptick in Craftsmen-style homes. Urban areas like Seattle have more contemporary looks with straight, clean lines.

Outdoor activity is big in this area. Hunting, camping, and fishing are popular, and that translates to the styles you’ll see—in clothing, homes, and garage and overhead doors. People tend to favor simpler, classic looks.”

Pacific Northwest’s lush natural landscapes seem to influence everything from architecture to fashion. People’s connection to the great outdoors inspires a laidback, effortless, and timeless style.

Which garage door designs and products are most popular?

“With Craftsmen-style homes, customers will go for styles like carriage house doors, ranch-style doors, and colonial doors with raised panels.

Customers with contemporary homes usually prefer more modern designs, such as aluminum full-view doors with glass windows.”

By choosing a garage door that aligns with their home’s architecture, customers are creating a more balanced, streamlined look. That’s what Pacific Northwest style is all about.

What industries thrive here and how do you serve their needs?

“Our location in Spokane is in an industrial park, so there’s a lot of manufacturing that happens here. We have a wide range of commercial overhead doors to serve this sector, including insulated steel doors, service doors, and high performance doors.

I would say the restaurant business is big too. There’s a large, thriving area here—a lot of foodies in Washington. Many restaurants are installing aluminum full-view overhead doors, giving access to outdoor seating areas in the summer. These designs go with the region’s natural aesthetic.”

In Washington, our teams serve diverse industrial and commercial needs. The manufacturing industry demands durable and efficient overhead doors, while the restaurant industry requires doors that let in light and visibility.

What aesthetics, materials, colors or customized features are in demand?

“Natural materials are a big trend—you’ll see a lot of log and custom-sided wood houses. For garage doors, wood is quite popular, from an actual wood door itself to a fiberglass faux-wood look. Customers tend to prefer rustic and earthy looks.

Our Wayne Dalton Designer Fiberglass model 9800 has a very stylish wood finish with clean, straight lines.”

Fiberglass garage doors give Pacific Northwesterners the best of both worlds: the beautiful look and feel of real wood, but with energy efficient insulation and sturdy construction. That’s crucial in the northern part of the region, where the winters can get quite cold.

What trends do you see arising in regards to use of garage spaces?

“Not a lot, to be honest. People generally use garages for parking or storage. We do have customers who are into RVs, boats, or project cars. People build shops to accommodate those. But, as far as decking them out into livable spaces, I haven’t seen a whole lot.”

Rather than acting as living suites, garages provide space for all the fun outdoor hobbies that so many Pacific Northwesterners pursue.

Can you share a NationServe project that best showcases Pacific Northwest style, trends, and lifestyles?

“Yes, we actually installed some doors yesterday. This was on a 14,000-square-foot log mansion with sweeping views.

On a three-car detached garage, we installed three 10’ x 8’ Wayne Dalton Fiberglass model 9800 high-end fiberglass overlay doors with a true authentic wood look. We also added some finishes and decorative hardware. It was a sharp-looking project and really stands out among the rest.”

This was definitely Pacific Northwest style at its best.

That wraps up this month’s Style by State feature on Washington State and the Pacific Northwest. Keep an eye out next month as we head east to find design inspiration in Idaho.

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