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Country Meets Contemporary: Garage Doors Across Ohio

From rock ‘n’ roll to colossal caves, Ohio is an American cornerstone.

Trotting along the countryside, Amish horse-and-buggies harken back to simpler times. All the while, the 3-C cities each bring a distinct energy: cultured Cleveland and scenic Cincinnati.

Teetering on the eastern edge of the Midwest, Ohio was once a frontier for Yankees. Our company founders even began handcrafting garage doors in this very state, more than half a century ago.

Although Ohio is known for its agricultural ancestry, there’s more to it than meets the eye—today, it’s an indisputable powerhouse in technology, business, and education. Culturally and socially, the state is coming into its own.

Chatting with our sales departments in Cincinnati and Akron/Canton region, we discovered that the region’s style, architecture, and garage door trends strike a balance between old-fashioned Ohio flair and unexpectedly progressive designs.

How would you describe Ohio style?

Cincinnati, OH:

“From the early settlers to modern professionals, Ohio’s style is as diverse as the people that have populated the region. German, Italian, Polish, Czech, and Jewish communities all have influenced architecture in big metropolises like the 3-Cs, along with quaint towns such as Marietta, Youngtown, and Toledo. You’ll find it all in Ohio: classical colonial and midwest home styles, brick manor homes dotting Lake Erie, rustic houses in the wooded southeast, ornate Victorian styles in the countryside, or more modern, industrial designs in cities.”

Akron/Canton, OH:

“Outside of each city’s downtown core, Ohio mostly exudes a rural style, but trends are rapidly changing. With the recent Pro-Football Hall of Fame expansion, aesthetics are evolving. We’re in the beginning stages, so I’m sure there’s only more to come. It’s quite an exciting time for our region.”

Nationality and nature both affect architecture in Ohio. In older, more rural regions, European designs and traditional styles reign supreme. In cities, contemporary, unconventional homes are on the rise.

Which garage door designs and products are most popular?

Cincinnati, Ohio:

“Ohioans are mostly a conservative bunch, so Wayne Dalton’s Classic Steel Garage Doors 9100 and 9600 are in high demand. This design’s timeless look complements both older homes and newer suburban subdivisions. With home construction picking back up, many builders differentiate with Carriage House and faux-wood Fiberglass Garage Doors. As the urban core starts adopting industrial and modern designs, more residents are opting for Modern Glass Garage Doors, which create a seamless view of the outdoors.”

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Akron/Canton, OH:

“In rural areas, you’ll see quite a few Craftsman homes in earthy colors, so Wayne Dalton’s Classic Steel Garage Doors 9100 and 9600 are very popular, with an upward trend of custom Carriage House Garage Doors 9700 in the higher-end homes. Within the city, local businesses are revitalizing their storefronts with modern trends, such as our Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors.”

Sleek, durable, and well-insulated—Ohioans love Steel Garage Doors for good reason. Carriage House and faux-wood Fiberglass Garage Doors bring old-world charm to newer builds, while Modern Glass Doors perfectly align with contemporary trends.

Can you share a NationServe project that best showcases Ohio style, trends, and lifestyles?

“Recently, we helped expand a regional grill and pub restaurant, supplying three Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors with black powder-coated framing. Before even setting foot inside, passersby and customers alike can absorb the restaurant’s ambiance.”

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Akron/Canton, OH:

“Our region is lucky enough to experience all four seasons, so we’ve worked with several local restaurants to install Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors. Opening up the space, these designs easily turn a dining area into a summer patio, serving up a taste of the outdoors.”

From cuisine to interior design, Ohio’s dining scene is experiencing a major renaissance. With a simple Glass Overhead Door installation, restaurants can seamlessly modernize and liven up their space.

That’s our take on garage doors in eclectic Ohio, featuring our sales teams from Cincinnati and the Akron/Canton region. In September, we’ll travel south to learn about styles and trends in Texas, where small-town spirit makes a big statement.

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