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Style by State: Majestic Midwest

Discover All-American style in Illinois & Iowa

Crossing state lines, you can cruise down Route 66, hopping from classic diners and drive-in theaters to Guinness-Record-setting statues. Or, you can paddle along the Mississippi River, as luscious trees and limestone cliffs give way to dazzling cityscapes.

Welcome to the Midwest, the region where the best of American culture thrives. From rolling farmland to manufacturing cities, some of the country’s most successful industries have emerged from this central collection of states.

Midwesterners are known for their friendly dispositions, rural heritage, and appreciation for simplicity. But, when it comes to design and architecture—and, you guessed it, garage doors—Midwestern style is experiencing a revival, exuding an artisan flair with a modern twist.

We caught up with one of our sales representatives from Peoria and Quad Cities, who offered a unique perspective on garage door trends in both Illinois and Iowa.

How would you describe Midwestern style?

“Peoria has a broad array of residential architecture, with styles ranging from character-rich working class homes to old, historic mansions and modern homes. At the Peoria of NationServe branch, we sell quite a few classic-looking Steel Garage Doors. On occasion, we replace ornamental Wood Doors, and even install full-view Glass Doors.”

Across the Midwest, old meets new—in some cases, residents gravitate toward traditional homes with an All-American vibe. Others seek out a more contemporary style, especially the next generation of artists and makers, who bring creative ideas and designs to the region.

Which garage door designs and products are most popular?

“In both Peoria and Quad Cities, our customers love the look of Wayne Dalton’s Classic Steel Garage Doors 9100 and 9600. Many choose to customize these doors with Sonoma panels and add decorative hardware kits to the outside of the door.”

steel garage doors

Tasteful yet versatile, our Wayne Dalton Classic Steel Garage Doors complement homes of all styles. From traditional to modern architecture, homeowners across the Midwest personalize this durable material with different colors, accessories, and faux-wood finishes. Plus, steel’s high insulation rating is the perfect defense against chilly Midwestern winters.

Can you share a NationServe project that best showcases Midwestern style, trends, and lifestyles?

“One project that comes to mind is the St. Jude Children’s Hospital fundraiser. We installed Wayne Dalton’s Classic Steel 9600 Garage Doors with Sonoma panels, windows, and decorative hardware. This classic model got great publicity, and we’ve received a lot of customer requests for Steel Doors ever since.”

Midwesterners are renowned for their classic American values, and this charitable project is no exception to that norm. The winners of this fundraiser received a beautiful yet functional door that embodies the region’s timeless style.

That’s all for this month’s feature on Peoria and Quad Cities, where Midwest style grows with modern trends, while staying grounded in its rustic roots. Watch our blog in August for another exploration into America’s top garage door trends.

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