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Garage Door Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

Are you planning to replace your garage door in the new year? Looking for the perfect door to up your home curb appeal? Check out our guide to what in vogue when it comes to garage doors in 2019.

blue bold colored garage door and house

Bold colors

Gone are the days of the standard white garage doorâbold, dark colors are all the rage in todays exterior design trends. In 2019, add panache to your home with a colorful garage door that makes a statement. Choose a shade that goes well with the rest of your homes exterior but that’s dark enough to make the garage door stand out. You could also consider going for a black garage door, one of the leading design trends in the housing world right now.

Although all of our door models come in several colors, you can also get a garage door that comes with Wayne Dalton’s TruChoiceTM Color System. With over 6,000 colors available, this system allows you to find just the right shade of paint for your garage door. From cherry red to daffodil yellow, the choice is yours to make!

glass and mirrored garage door

Glass, windows, and natural light

Now that garages and their doors are better insulated, your garage isn’t just a place for your car anymore it can also serve as a laundry room, workshop, exercise space, or home office. However, the more time you spend in your garage, the more important it is to find ways of letting the light in.

In 2019, we predict an uptick in garage doors with windows. Garage door windows both brighten the interior of your garage and add style and flair to the doors exterior. At NationServe, you can choose from windows of various styles and sizes. Plus, they’re available in a variety of different tinting and frosting options so you can protect your privacy.

If you want to flood your garage with even more light, consider a modern glass garage door. These stylish glass-paned doors are reinforced with a sturdy aluminum frame and allow you to experience your garage as never before.

steel carriage house garage doors

Eco-friendly features

Homeowners across America are increasingly opting to go green when upgrading their garage doors. Luckily, the garage doors of 2019 are more energy efficient than ever before. A well-insulated garage door decreases your household’s carbon footprint and overall spending on your utility bills. At NationServe, you can purchase garage doors with high R-values and low U-values that excel at keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

You can also get garage doors made out of recycled materials. For instance, most steel garage doors are made out of recycled steel scrap. What’s more, some modern garage doors can even be solar powered.

wireless technology for automated garage doors

Cutting-edge technology

In 2019, there will be more garage doors that integrate with smart technology. For instance, it’s only a matter of time before the majority of homeowners have Wi-Fi connected garage door openers and operate their garage doors entirely from an app on their smartphones. Having the Genie Aladdin Connect app or the LiftMaster MyQ app lets you open and close your garage door remotely from your phone and monitor the status of your garage door while you’re at work or on vacation. It also lets you grant temporary access to people like babysitters, dog walkers, and service personnel so you don’t have to be home to let them in.

To learn more about the advantages of a Wi-Fi connected garage door opener, check out our blog post about Genie’s Aladdin Connect garage door accessory.

modern garage door design for 2019

Modern materials

In the past, garage doors were mostly made out of steel, wood or aluminum, but today, some of our most popular products are made of synthetic materials. Materials like vinyl and fiberglass are becoming more and more appealing to homeowners because they’re so lightweight, affordable, and easy to maintain. Our specialty vinyl and designer fiberglass garage doors are durable, well insulated, and available in a wide range of styles and finishes.

rustic wood garage door design

Old-fashioned accents

Classic styles are also poised to make a comeback in 2019. Although the wood doors of the past were costly and difficult to maintain, today they’re more affordable and durable than ever before. If you love the look of classic wood garage doors but are worried about the upkeep, designer fiberglass doors are a low maintenance alternative your neighbors won’t even be able to tell the difference.

If you’re nostalgic for the styles of earlier eras, consider one of our Wayne Dalton carriage house steel garage doors, which combine old-world charm with modern functionality. These doors go particularly well with Craftsman, French country, Tudor, and Victorian style homes.

custom hardware wooden garage doors

Custom-made designs

Above all, 2019 will usher in a new era of custom-designed garage doors. At NationServe, we know that there’s no such thing as one sizes fits all  when it comes to garage doors. That’s why we let our customers have a say in every step of the design process, from choosing the material to selecting the final touches like windows and decorative hardware. Designing your own garage door lets you tailor your door to fit your unique tastes and personality.

At NationServe, we’re dedicated to helping our customers stay on top of the latest garage door design trends. When you’re ready to give your garage door a 2019 makeover, contact one of our 18 teams across the country or use our online form to request a free quote.

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