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Durability & Functionality: Must-Have Features To Look For When Buying a Warehouse Garage Door

The ultimate showdown between durability and functionality in warehouse overhead doors is about to commence.

Which warehouse garage door should you choose for your business?

Investing in an asset, such as an overhead door, can help with the success of any business that involves warehousing. Choosing the right door is crucial to many enterprises as cost of repair, maintenance, or even replacement, can be overwhelming. This is the reason why warehouse owners must know what is the best door for their business, which in return, will help improve warehousing process, increase productivity and, at the same time, reduce the cost of overhead maintenance in the long run.

There are essentially two types of overhead door features you must consider — durability and functionality.

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Durability: Making Sure It Lasts a Lifetime


When we say durable, we mean something that can take a beating. It must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, extreme environment, and jarring activities.

Here are our top picks for a durable overhead door:

  • Thermospan® 150 Sectional Steel Door
  • Thermospan® 200 Sectional Steel Door
  • Thermospan® 200-20 Sectional Steel Door

The Thermospan® overhead door series are a great fit if you’re looking for something that will endure. All Thermospan® warehouse garage doors have integral steel struts on each section for superior strength.

The Thermospan® 150 has factory-finished interior and exterior hot-dipped galvanized skins for easier installation and added strength. The Thermospan® 200, on the other hand, has an impressive R-value of 17.50 which is great for maintaining consistent temperatures in your warehouse. This is an ideal construction for busy commercial operations. Thermospan® 200-20 has a 25,000 cycle spring standard which will stand up to the hectic challenges of warehousing.

Some downsides include limited window size options (because of the strut placement) and less color options to choose from.

Functionality: Working as Hard as You


A functional door must also be reliable. It must possess a combination of strength, an above average R-value, and flexibility so that it will endure when the going gets tough. You will find the ThermoMark® overhead door series fits the bill well with its capability to match your needs.

Here are our top picks for a functional overhead door:

  • Thermomark® 5150 Sectional Steel Door
  • Thermomark® 5200 Sectional Steel Door
  • Thermomark® 530 Sectional Steel Door

ThermoMark® 5150 and 5200 have many color options, as well as bi-directional wood grain finishes, to choose from. The wood finish adds an organic and natural feel to your warehouse if that’s something in which you seek. ThermoMark® 530, on the other hand, will work well with wide open spaces as the standard size is up to 40 feet wide.

The only downside is that the ThermoMark® 530 has limited color options which is something to consider, especially if you want a specific look.

Durability Meets Functionality

Our Thermomark® and Thermospan® overhead door series combine unparalleled strength and practicality. Learn more by browsing our Commercial Overhead Doors Series for product specs and features. For inquiries and quote requests, contact your nearest NationServe branch.

Ready for your own ingenious garage or overhead door? Looking for skillful maintenance and repairs? We can make it happen. Contact your nearest NationServe location, get a product quote, or request a service call today.

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