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Surprise Your Dad This Father’s Day With These Garage Man Cave Ideas

What gift will you give Dad this Father’s Day? A box of tools? An expensive watch? Perhaps, taking care of the cost of a new garage door he has been meaning to buy may be a great present that everyone in the family can chip in and buy.

No one deserves our love and attention more than our hard-working parents—especially Dad on his special day. This Father’s Day, why not forgo a common gift and give him something out of the ordinary?

You don’t have to spend excessively to make him feel special on his day. Although putting together something grand might be impressive, preparing something simple, yet meaningful could have the same impact on Dad.

In case you are scrambling for a gift to get your dad, why not create an unforgettable man cave experience for him? Right in his garage, no less.

Let’s take a look at these three easy man cave ideas you can build for Dad this Father’s Day.

1. Bar in the Garage a.k.a. Bar-rage

Complete with his favorite snacks, beer, and entertainment, throw a simple party and transform your garage into a mini-bar made just for Dad.

Make Dad feel like the “man of the house” by preparing a seating area and stage where he can kick back and be the center of the party.

To make the night even more meaningful, prepare mini productions where everyone can participate. Dads love a good laugh. Have everyone show their quirky and funny talents, and he’ll surely burst into laughter.

Pro-tip: Ever heard of frozen water balloons? To add a bit of a lifehack into the event, keep beverages cold by placing them in a container filled with frozen water balloons. You can also serve drinks with frozen berries instead of plain ice to keep them from getting watered down.

2. Surprise Garage Makeover

The garage is where many dads spend a large chunk of their time, be it fixing the car or building a new creation. For them, nothing compares to the feeling of repairing broken items, say a faulty handlebar or a dead battery, right in their little nook.

However, organizing their tools and equipment is something they may no longer have time and energy for—especially if there are no available tool organizers around in the first place.

This Father’s Day, take it upon yourself to organize his corner. There are several ways to keep Dad’s tools and garage equipment organized. To eliminate clutter without taking up space, use slat walls, where you can hang all of Dad’s handy tools. A pegboard wall also makes a great space-saving organizer.

Pro-tip: You can also paint and refashion unused, empty drawers into a nice garage workbench—a great gift for Dad on its own.

3.  Fun Poker Night

Host a fun poker game to maximize your dad’s little nook. Invite his friends over for a night of friendly card games. Serve snacks and beverages to complete the poker party experience. Volunteer as the server for the night and keep his favorite food and drinks within reach.

Does Dad want a new garage door? We can take care of that too! Contact your nearest NationServe location to get a product and installation quote today.

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