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5 Easy Pranks You Can Do in Your Garage This April Fool’s Day

Pranks are tons of fun, but they can get messy. If you don’t pull your prank in a confined space that is easily washable, the joke might be on you when you have to clean up. The garage can be a great setting for your April Fool’s Day scheme. If necessary for your prank, park your vehicles outside and move fragile items into the house.

Pull someone’s leg this coming April Fool’s Day with these hilarious pranks.

1. Caramel Onion or Caramel Apple

This trick is pretty straightforward — make onions look like caramel apples. Coat medium-sized, white onions in caramel and put them on a stick. Do the whole shebang in the garage to hide the evidence. Throw in some real caramel apples and serve them all together on one plate. Eat a real caramel apple to make victims less suspicious.

2. Ice Cubombs (Mentos Ice Bombs)

Fill a regular ice cube tray with water about halfway in each cube hole. Place the tray in the freezer until the water is chilled but not solid. Place one Mentos candy in each cube hole and fill it all the way up with water. Put the tray back into the freezer and wait until solid ice cubes form. When you’re hanging out in the garage, offer your victims the “ice cubes” and watch their sodas overflow!

3. Post-it Car

Cover your victim’s car with sticky notes — from bumper to bumper. One tip is to color-coordinate your “artwork” by using different colors for the windows, body, and tires. Hard work and patience pays off, even on pranks, and it might just end up going viral. Who knows?

4. Cling-y Car Makeover

This is similar to the Post-it Car prank but, instead of sticky notes, your prank  tools are cling wrap rolls. Cover the entire car with plastic wrap — that’s it! This is a classic, cost-effective prank for people with limited resources.

5. Fake Broken Window

Roll down one of your victim’s car windows and throw fake shards of glass (sugar candies) on the seat, floor, and some on the side of the car. Here’s how you can make fake glass shards using sugar. The key here is to set up your prank as if there was a real accident. Your victim will likely freak out on sight of the scene!

Safety First

It’s all done in good humor, but you wouldn’t want to fix your garage door because of a prank going out of hand. Pranks are fun, but you also have to use your good judgement. Be sure to put your friend’s safety (and yours) first. And, don’t be surprised if your victim plays a prank on you too — it’s April Fool’s Day, after all. Take lots of photos and videos and have a good chuckle. When the party is over, clean up and pat yourself on the back for making this year’s prank one for the books.

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