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3 Romantic Date Ideas You Can Do in Your Garage This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air as we get closer to the big “V” day. A lot of establishments will be jam-packed with couples for sure. But if you’re still not set on what to do this love month, there are still ways to surprise your special someone without even getting out of the house. You may want to park your vehicles elsewhere because these ideas involve — you know it — your garage space.

Your garage is a huge space of opportunity. It’s also a good hideaway for surprises and pranks as you can easily contain the mess and fragile items are one less thing to worry about.

Skip the usual dinner date and get extra points for creativity and a personal touch with these three romantic date ideas to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s day.

1. Ritzy or Easy

Either you go big and prepare a home-cooked dinner and share a bottle of wine, OR get fast food takeouts and candies for dessert over a lavish table setting — now that’s something different. Place fairy lights on walls and the floor to get that romantic vibe. To make the night more memorable, play some tunes you both love, upbeat or ballads, dance to the music and have a good chuckle.

2. Movie Night Date “Garage Door Style”

Nothing speaks date like a movie night date does. You’ll need a projector, a cozy couch and blanket, and loads of snacks — this will be a marathon. Depending on your garage door style, you can place the projector towards the door to serve as your giant projector screen. Pick three movies ahead of time and let your date choose what to watch.

Want something different? Instead of a movie, create a slideshow presentation of your most memorable (and funniest) moments together. Piece together photos and videos and take a journey back to memory lane.

3. Spa Day at Home

Create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your garage by setting up scented candles, dimmed lighting, and a soothing playlist. You’ll be surprised how this simple setup can have a big difference to the ambiance of the room.

If you have massage skills up your sleeve, then this is the time to show them off. Otherwise, book a massage therapist ahead of time. You can also pamper yourselves with DIY facial masks and foot wraps to fully enjoy the experience.

Go All the Way

Make this year’s Valentine’s date even more memorable by doing all of this! There’s nothing more memorable than a surprise treat for your loved one. Start with a romantic dinner, then watch a movie, and top it off with a late night massage.

Now that’s how you wrap up a date, but don’t forget to clean up!

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