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Countryside to Countrywide: Our Story

Many of us take our garage doors for granted. They feel like a seamless convenience in our homes; a luxury that’s always been there.

We don’t often think about the advances and evolutions that got them to where they are today.

For over 60 years, NationServe has been at the forefront of the garage and overhead door industry, expanding our capabilities in a relentless pursuit of ingenuity. We have a rich history across America, inventing new technology, refining our engineering, and growing our presence.

Our Rural Roots

Imagine an idyllic, pastoral scene in the Ohio countryside. It’s 1954, in a farming community with deep ties to Amish traditions. That’s where our story began.

Back then, we were a modest garage door business known as Wayne Door. The name stemmed from our inception in Wayne County, where our founder Emanuel Mullet had bought the company.

He then moved Wayne Door to Mt. Hope in Holmes County, spending the next decade producing wood residential doors with his team and eventually building a production facility.

Entrepreneurial Evolution

In 1965, Emanuel passed the torch to his son Willis Mullet, who became our next president. For over 20 years, Willis continued Emanuel’s legacy of progression and reinvention.

He built two successful and thriving plants: one in nearby Dalton, Ohio, to produce commercial wood and steel doors, and another in Mt. Hope to manufacture a new line of insulated residential and commercial doors.

Featuring built-in struts and high R-values, our Thermowayne and Thermospan models were a resourceful response to the 1970s energy crisis.

Growth & Discovery

The 1980s and early 1990s saw a period of mergers, acquisitions, and product expansion.

The most impactful merger was between Wayne Door and the Dalton International plant, creating the company Wayne Dalton. To this day, the Wayne Dalton brand is known across North America for its beautiful craftsmanship and powerful performance.

From New York to Florida, Georgia to Ohio, we continued to grow our business with capabilities in rolling steel doors, sectional doors, mini storage doors, grilles, and decorative window frames.

The growth progressed with a new a plant in Pensacola, Florida, to produce Foamcore, which became a highly popular line of insulated steel garage doors. Our proudest accomplishment was constructing a new 50,000-square-foot corporate headquarters, 200 yards from the spot where our founder first began making doors.

Tenacious Technology

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, we truly came into our own as garage door connoisseurs.

We introduced TorqueMaster, a revolutionary torsion spring system that encloses the springs in a tube, whereby a drill can wind them. Our new WayneGard technology featured a pinch-resistant design, while the Quantum garage door opener was the industry’s first wireless photo eyes and wall station.

We also unveiled the battery-powered DoorMaster opener, which featured no rails, and later the idrive opener, the first wall-mounted opener that eliminated chains, belts, and rails.

Not to mention, we expanded our Mt. Hope and Pensacola plants to bring our total production area to more than 2 million square feet.

Unifying Our Culture

By the 2010s, we had become one of America’s largest corporately owned garage and overhead door specialists. From installation, maintenance, and repairs, to the country’s most trusted products, we were continually expanding expectations from Washington State to North Carolina.

That’s why, in 2014, we changed our company-owned install and service centers name to NationServe.

As we continue to grow, our new name now better reflects our ever-broadening products and services, while connecting our 22 install and service centre locations nationwide. True to our roots, we still specialize in everything Wayne Dalton, and we still install, maintain, and repair our products.

Our merger and name change naturally led us to rebrand in 2016 to craft an ownable brand voice and consistent aesthetic, banding our locations together through internal, local, and national efforts.

Now, with a proudly united brand and culture, we’re bringing ingenuity and focus to every aspect of your garage and overhead door experience. Stop by one of our locations today to learn how we can put it to work for you.

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