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What to Expect During a Commercial Overhead Door Installation

Overhead doors can greatly enhance your building’s functionality and can also improve your building’s overall aesthetics. If you’re concerned that selecting the right commercial overhead door for your business may be stressful, rest assured that with the guidance of an expert, it doesn’t have to be.


The following process will help you find the best overhead door for your business and prepare for the actual overhead door installation.

Determine the Primary Usage of the Overhead Door

The first step is to identify what you want the overhead door to achieve for your business. The following types of overhead doors provide different functionalities and features.

  • Sectional Door (Insulated or Non-insulated): secured overhead doors, recommended for loading docks and heavy duty commercial/industrial needs
  • Rolling Service Door: superb durability and very affordable, ideal for most commercial and industrial applications
  • Fire Door: prevents fire from spreading throughout a building, ideal solution for any building’s safety and fire protection needs
  • High Performance Door: ideal for nonstop usage, great for high traffic areas, and busy warehouses

Browse our lineup of commercial and industrial overhead doors.

Get a Quote from Our Sales Team

Our line of Wayne Dalton commercial overhead doors are practical and cost-effective and perfect for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Once you’ve determined the type of overhead door you need, our sales team will recommend products, providing you with quotes that work well within your budget. Please take note that we may require building drawings during this stage.

To get a quote for a specific product, click the ‘Request a Quote’ button on the product page. To speak to our sales team, our toll-free number is (855) 915 3667. You can also find your nearest NationServe here and request a quote online.

Expect a Visit from Your NationServe Specialist

Upon approval of our product or service quote, one of our expert overhead technicians will perform a site inspection to ensure that we know your project from all angles. We’ll set a date for site inspection based on your availability.

Mark the Day of Delivery and Installation

To ensure that your projects run smoothly, we provide a schedule for product delivery and installation. Our certified overhead door technicians will install your overhead door by adhering to the highest of standards, so you know that your door will be installed safely and correctly the first time.

Schedule Regular Planned Maintenance

Keep your new overhead door in pristine condition and prolong its life by opting for regular maintenance. To make sure your overhead door is performing its best all year round, we recommend a yearly tune-up.

Schedule Overhead Door Repairs or Parts Replacement

Commercial overhead doors experience extreme wear and tear. They perform thousands of cycles, so malfunctions can be common. To schedule a repair or part replacement service, click here. Our team of overhead door technicians will fix the issue in no time.

Ready for your own ingenious overhead door? Looking for a replacement part, window or hardware installation? We can make it happen. Contact your nearest NationServe location, get a product quote, or request a service call today.

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