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International Volunteer Day: Host a Charity Clothing Drive in Your Garage

To celebrate International Volunteer Day on December 5th, why not host a charity drive right in your garage? It’ll be a great way to get into the giving spirit of the holidays. Collect clothes and winter gear from your neighbors and donate them to people who need them more.


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Although we enjoy the things we have, some people are living with financial strain. Lower-income families could use that jacket you haven’t worn in years or those shoes you don’t like anymore. By volunteering your time and donating items you don’t use anymore, you’re putting a smile, not just on your face, but on someone else’s too.

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So gather your family, friends, neighbors, and let your community know you’re having a clothing charity drive in your garage. These helpful tips will help make your event a success.

1. Form Your Team

Planning and hosting a charity event isn’t a one-person job. Gather as many people as you can to help with the set-up, sorting, packaging, and delivering. Ask your family, friends, co-workers, or anyone who’s willing to give their time for charity.

2. Create a Plan and Set a Goal

Trying to run a charity event without some form of a goal can be challenging. Instead, write out a plan of activities beforehand to keep the event organized. Who’s in charge of set-up, collecting items, and keeping track of inventory? These tasks should have a designated person to ensure an efficient process.

Since this is a charity event, you’ll also want to have an end goal in mind. Decide how many people you want to help and the number of items you want to donate. Be realistic and flexible with your goal, but don’t sell yourself short. Sometimes a higher goal motivates a team to work harder.

3. Spread the Word

The aim of clothing charity drives is to gather as many useable items as possible to donate to the most people possible. You can achieve this by inviting your community to join in. Start with your social media platforms. Create a Facebook event to share with friends, post pictures on Instagram with information about the event, or create a hashtag for Twitter to inform more people about your event.

You can also reach out to your local newspaper or radio station to feature your charity drive. Hang up flyers in high-traffic community areas like churches, school bulletin boards, and community halls.

4. Sort and Label as Donations Come

Task someone to be in charge of keeping donations organized as they arrive. Fold the clothes and store them in boxes. The more organized you stay throughout the day, the less likely you’ll have a massive pile of clothes to sort through at the end of your drive.

Form different piles according to pre-assigned categories. Sort by male and female, children and adults, pants and shirts, jackets and shoes, and so on.

5. Deliver Items to Your Chosen Charity

Some charities offer a pick-up service, but be prepared to deliver them yourself. Rent a van or ask family or friends to lend their trucks. Cherish the moment of dropping off boxes upon boxes of donations to your chosen charity, knowing that you’ve helped someone stay warm this cold season.

6. Document and Celebrate the Success

Take pictures and document the process of setting up the charity drive, up to delivering the donations. Post them on social media to inspire other people to host their own charity drives.

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Don’t forget to thank everyone for donating clothes and volunteering their time. Gather everyone who helped for dinner to celebrate and reward yourselves for a job well done.

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