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5 Camping Gear Storage Ideas for Your Garage

Summertime—where people flock the parks and families get the downtime they deserve. Although the heat of the sun is free, a family vacation isn’t. Ditch the hotel rooms and reach for your tents and sleeping bags. Who needs an expensive trip when you can just camp with the whole family?

Camping is a cheap and fun way to bond with the family. Aside from getting quality time with loved ones, you’re also teaching your children how to be more environmentally conscious.

Most camping gear is bulky and takes up too much storage space—it’s a clutter nightmare for many homeowners. To help you stow away your camping gear for the next summer getaway, here are five storage solutions for your garage.

1. Choose the right storage units

Organizing your garage is the key to efficiently storing camping gear. Most hiking and camping equipment isn’t cheap, so proper storage can help you prolong your possessions’ lifespan.


Small items, like repellents, candles, and first aid kits, can go inside compact plastic containers to avoid spillage. You can then put these small containers inside larger storage units to save space.

Store bulky items, like tents and canopies, inside heavy-duty bags to protect them from moisture and other damaging elements.

Stow flammable items, such as lanterns, fuel canisters, and camping stoves, away from linens, blankets, and other combustible materials.

To find items easily, label the containers and storage units accordingly.

2. Maximize your vertical space

Vertical storage is ideal for cramped spaces. Store lightweight items, such as cleaning, hygiene, and first aid kits, at the top shelf for easier access.

Sleeping pads are best stored flat on top of a shelf. Make sure to leave enough room on the bottom part of your shelf or storage for heavier items, such as tents and backpacks.

Your fishing rods also need extra care to keep them in good condition. We recommend storing these items vertically to center the pressure on the base of the rod. Storing rods horizontally gives them unnatural bend that could deform or weaken their build.

3. Repurpose backpacks as storage


You don’t need to purchase new storage containers—instead, re-purpose your large backpacks to hold smaller camping essentials and then hang them with heavy-duty hooks or rods. Be sure to place the backpacks where they are safe from moisture, mold, and mildew.

4. Use laundry baskets to store long equipment

Gears such as trekking poles, rafting oars, or kayaking paddles are some of the most space-consuming gear. Store them vertically inside tall laundry baskets and place them in the corner of your garage.

5. Mount your bikes on the wall or ceiling

You can safely store bikes inside your garage without taking up extra space by hanging them on heavy-duty wall hooks. If you want to take it up another notch, you can build an overhead storage system.


After every trip, it’s crucial to keep all your camping equipment properly stored to maintain its build and prolong its usability. This way, you’re always geared up and prepared for more outdoor adventures.

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