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Boosting Your Home Resale Value

Tip for Increasing the Resale Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home, a stylish and well-organized garage door is a valuable selling feature. Here are four ways your garage door can sway potential buyers and increase your home’s value.

Parking and Protection

A garage gives homeowners free built-in parking and a secure spot for extra storage. Potential homebuyers who live in urban centres may have a hard time finding parking or may be limited to a single parking space, making a home with a private garage an appealing option. Many buyers may not even look at properties without a garage, delaying the sale of the home for months after being put on the market.

Modern aluminum garage door

Curb Appeal

Your garage is your home’s first impression, so you’ll want to ensure it’s a positive one. If your garage door is in good condition, it’s a sign to homebuyers that the rest of your home is well cared for as well and can set the tone for a showing. Whether you prefer contemporary flair or rustic charm, the style of your garage should complement the architecture of your home, as well as other homes in the neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color or mixing materials, like metal and wood, to make your home stand out.

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Bonus Living Space

The surprise of a finished garage can make an apprehensive homebuyer sign on the dotted line. If there’s already ample room to park your vehicles, consider converting your garage into a unique space, such as a home gym, studio or relaxing retreat. If you aren’t prepared to take on a major transformation, adding insulation, drywall, flooring, and lighting is an easy way to make your garage more functional. You’ll also want to invest in a garage door with a high insulation level, such as a thermal resistance of R-12 or R-16, to keep the space warm during the winter months.

Garage conversion

Extra Storage Space

Don’t underestimate the value of storage space. With open-concept floor plans gaining popularity, many homes offer fewer spaces to store seasonal décor, sporting equipment and other infrequently used items. Turn your garage into a great selling feature by outfitting it with overhead storage, hooks, and shelving.

Garage storage

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