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Best Wayne Dalton Garage Doors: Tiny House Edition

The tiny house trend has been around for years—and it’s not going anywhere. Homeowners opt to downsize their living spaces for a variety of reasons: aesthetics, environmental issues, and financial limitations.

The tiny lifestyle is not for everyone. For a family of six, “micro living” might not be the best route to take, primarily because of spatial constraints. But for a smaller family, particularly those with a dual income and no children, living in a tiny house presents a more practical option. Tiny homeowners relish the emotional and financial freedom that comes with living in a 300-square-foot house.

Most micro houses are built by the homeowners themselves. The pride and joy that comes after building your own refuge is priceless. One of the most popular accents used to enhance the look and functionality of tiny houses are garage doors.

Because of the limited space, it has been a trend in tiny home living to feature a garage door, either to reveal a custom dock space or to expand the scenery from the inside.

Opening Up More Possibilities for Tiny Houses with Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

At the early stage of building your tiny house, you can put together a design that features a roll-up garage door as a wall opening. Tempered modern glass doors are commonly used to open up the space, allowing natural light inside and, when opened, bringing fresh air in. This setup is ideal for tiny houses to improve airflow in and out of the house.

To accommodate a family with more space needs, sliding wall openings that make way for extra room are also becoming trendy for tiny houses.



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For any living space—big or small—we always recommend constructing the home using high-quality building materials. Unfortunately, some tiny homes experience quicker wear and tear. Because of the limited square footage, homeowners use the space harder, deteriorating structures and furniture. And it’s here where the reliable brand of Wayne Dalton garage doors comes into play.

Wayne Dalton Glass Garage Doors for Modern Tiny Houses

Modern glass doors functioning as wall openings in tiny houses can create an illusion of more space. And if you’re living in a house smaller than the average bedroom, even the teensiest increase in room matters.

Wayne Dalton glass garage doors allow natural light into your tiny home, giving it a lively, vibrant appeal. Natural light can boost productivity, mood, and comfort—beneficial for a person living in a very cramped space.


Whether you have a custom dock, a pared-down dining table, or a modular kitchen, the modern fusion of glass and aluminum will illuminate your home’s interior and also create a beautiful extension into the great outdoors.

Aside from adding a modern appeal to your home, our glass doors have insulated rails and stiles for thermal efficiency. This provides proper ventilation inside your home, making it comfortable to live in.

Our glass doors are available in different options. Choose from tempered safety glass, acrylic or solid panels, and an R-value rating from R0 to R6, depending on the insulation efficiency you need. We also supply tinted or frosted glass doors to provide privacy and security.

Browse our Modern Glass Garage Door models below:

  • Modern Glass Garage Doors 8800
  • Modern Glass Garage Doors 8850

Ready for your own ingenious glass garage door? We can make it happen. Contact your nearest NationServe location, get a Wayne Dalton Glass Garage Door quote, or request a service call today.

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