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What to Look for When Buying a Residential Garage Door

Residential Garage Door Buying Guide

Your dream house deserves a residential garage door that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Considering the investment you’ve made in your home, we want you to have nothing but the best of style and functionality in your garage door to complete your home’s overall look. When it comes to finding the right garage door, do you really know what to look for?

Even if you’re just replacing your old, worn-out garage door, look for a door that is functional, durable, and budget-friendly. It’s also important to think about other costs including ways to customize your garage door with color, hardware, and window styles as well as budgeting for annual repairs.

Aside from the practical use and the curbside appeal of a garage door, investing in a new door can significantly increase the resale value of your home.

Here’s what you need to consider when buying a residential garage door:

1. Style and Design

Let’s start with what’s easily noticeable: the appearance of your garage door.

Since your garage is one of the first visible elements of your house, you need to consider how it looks along with the rest of your home’s architecture.

Come up with a look and feel you want to achieve before you even start browsing for garage doors. A poorly thought-out design can easily become a source of frustration and can cost you more in the long run.

Generally, wood garage doors and carriage-house doors are ideal for rustic-themed houses. Contemporary doors, such as glass garage doors or steel garage doors, will go well with modern houses.

From classic to current styles, NationServe has a huge inventory of designs to choose from.

2. Material

Once you’ve determined the design of your garage door, it’s time to pick the material. A few things to consider include insulation value rating, durability, and maintenance requirements.

The most common garage door material is steel. Steel garage doors are cost-effective and low maintenance. They also provide security and a variety of R-value ranges.

To add modern appeal to your house, glass garage doors have a full-view design that allows natural light into your space. Choose from tempered safety glass, acrylic, or solid panels.

Specialty vinyl garage doors are stylish and functional without the extra maintenance work. Vinyl doors work well in most regions but are especially recommended for coastal regions because of their outstanding structural integrity. They boast weatherproofing material and quality construction, combined with a timeless appeal.

Fiberglass garage doors, which are durable, dent-resistant, and customizable, can blend well with most house designs. Energy-efficient, secure, and stylish, fiberglass is a great alternative to wood because they look and feel like real wood doors.

Considered to be one of the most luxurious door materials, wood garage doors prove to be a the deluxe choice for homeowners looking to make a statement because of the rustic appeal they bring to any home and the real wood material in which they are constructed. They are also durable and can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance. From flush to semi-custom and custom designs, wood garage doors offer natural elegance and a wide range of design possibilities.

If you’re looking for that high-end look of wood without the constant maintenance work, opt for fiberglass doors. Combining the strength of steel and ingenuity of fiberglass, these are built to last, and won’t easily scratch, buckle, or warp.

3. Insulation Value

If your house is located in a region with extreme weather variances, insulation is a crucial factor to consider when choosing your garage door.

R-value measures the insulation value of your garage door. It lets you know how effectively your door can retain heat during the winter season and provide cooling during warmer seasons. This means that your garage won’t get too drafty when it’s cold outside or too hot when the warmer months arrive. We recommend a high R-value rating for houses located in areas or regions with extreme weather conditions. A lower R-value rating, on the other hand, is ideal for houses located in the coastal regions or for homes where insulation is not an important factor to consider.

The most common types of insulation are polystyrene (Styrofoam) and polyurethane (spray foam). The latter provides better sealing than the former, making it the preferred choice of many.

4. Safety

Remember that the installation of your garage door should be completed by a trusted garage door professional. A poorly-secured garage door can create safety hazards for you and your family. For keyless entry, consider a door with rolling code technology, which generates a new code on each press.

NationServe offers a wide selection of safety features, including finger protected joints, photo optics, sensing edges, and many more. Our garage door specialists can help you make the right choice.

5. Garage Door Opener

To complete your garage door system, be sure to select an efficient door opener. The door opener is the gatekeeper of any garage door. If your garage is near a bedroom, look for a quiet opener with smooth operation. If you’re after security and convenience, we offer a wide-range Wi-Fi-operated garage door openers with reliable safety features. NationServe supplies, installs, and services most Genie® and LiftMaster® door openers and remotes.

Ready for your own ingenious garage or overhead door? Looking for skillful maintenance and repairs? We can make it happen. Contact your nearest NationServe location, get a product quote, or request a service call today.

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