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Finding the Best Overhead Door Operator for Your Business

Adding an overhead garage door to your business has a number of practical and aesthetic benefits. Many businesses, like car washes, mechanic shops, warehouses, and even cafes, restaurants, and event spaces, install these doors to make their operations more efficient, create additional space, take advantage of seasonal weather, or simply because their industry demands it.

If you’re considering adding an overhead door to your business, it’s essential that you consider an automatic overhead garage door operator as part of your investment. Our door operators’  modern features provide safety, security, and ease of use for you, your employees, and customers.

Before investing in an overhead door, do your research first. Look for an overhead door company and ask them about their installation process, common issues and troubleshooting, and repair and maintenance costs. You’ll then have a clear understanding of what features you want and need and what costs to expect.

Here’s a quick rundown on finding the best commercial overhead door and operator for your business.

Choose the Right Material

There are many overhead door materials and finishes you can choose from to ensure the look complements your business style, without compromising function.

Aluminum glass doors are most often used in car dealerships, cafes, restaurants, galleries, and event spaces. Glass doors give your business access to outdoor space and allow natural light in, which adds more character to the space. Your establishment will surely turn heads because of the modern beauty glass overhead doors bring.

aluminum glass doors

Steel overhead doors are often used in businesses like auto body shops, self-storage and warehouses, where heavy-duty performance is paramount. Roll-up steel doors offer an unbeatable level of security and durability.

Choose the Right Features

Service overhead doors are fast, reliable, and require minimal maintenance. These are perfect for businesses that operate at a quick pace.

A fire overhead door or fire counter shutter is what you need if your business handles combustible materials and encounters fire hazards. These doors are certified and labeled flame-proof.

fire counter shutter

Insulated steel doors are thermally efficient and practical. With a high R-value rating, these doors keep your workplace warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot outside.

After deciding on your overhead door’s material and features, it’s now time to find the right door operator. Our overhead door operators are manufactured to function efficiently with most commercial overhead doors. Here’s what you need to know about our best overhead door operators.

Genie Commercial Overhead Door Operators

Our line of Genie door operators is up for any commercial or industrial application. Built to withstand heavy and repetitive usage, Genie commercial overhead door operators are guaranteed not to break or malfunction.

Genie Commercial Overhead Door Operators


Click the models below to learn more about their features:

  • Genie GCL-GCX Light Duty Counter Door Operator
  • Genie GCL-GT Heavy Duty Trolley Operator
  • Genie GCL-MT Medium Duty Trolley Operator
  • Genie GCL-T Standard Duty Trolley Operator
  • Genie GCL-J Standard Duty Jackshaft Operator
  • Genie GCL-GH Heavy Duty Hoist Operator
  • Genie GCL-MH Medium-Duty Hoist Operator
  • Genie GCL-H Standard Duty Hoist Operator

Liftmaster Commercial Overhead Door Operators

Equipped with cutting-edge features, our Liftmaster overhead door operators are ideal for high or full-lift overhead doors. With a built-in thermal protection and solid bearings, this door operator is one of the best in the market. Learn more about our Liftmaster Medium Duty Jackshaft Operator here.

Liftmaster Commercial Overhead Door Operators.jpg

If you’re interested in adding a reliable overhead garage door to your business, and want the convenience and unparalleled security of our overhead door operators, contact your nearest NationServe location. Even if you haven’t done your research, our team of industry experts will help you find the best overhead door for your business.

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