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Finding the Best Modern Garage Door for Your Contemporary House

Modern architecture and design revolutionized the way we build homes. The contemporary and minimalist approach to houses has become more popular over the years. Simple and sophisticated, this style most exemplifies a modern house. And, as the garage door is the facade of most houses, it should look as stylish as the rest of your home.

Learn how NationServe modernized the curb appeal of the Estates at Tortolita Foothills.

The Estates at Tortolita Foothills

You can easily upgrade the look of your garage by revamping your door. At NationServe, you can choose from a variety of design options, from contemporary, to rustic, to traditional, and we’re here to help you choose the perfect door for your unique projects.

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The R-Value, or insulation value, is a factor that most homeowners should consider before shopping for garage doors. If you’re living in a state that is prone to temperature changes each season, you may want to consider a higher R-Value rating for your garage door. Simply put, the higher the R-Value, the greater the insulation, which means the garage door will help retain more heat inside your garage during colder months and keep the garage cool during summer months.

To help you decide which is the best modern garage door for your contemporary house, here are our top picks:

1. Steel Garage Doors: Sleek, Strong, and Stylish

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If you’re looking for a heavy-duty garage door that is built for performance, our Wayne Dalton Classic Garage Door Series 9100 and 9600 is up to the task. Steel garage doors also come in a variety of styles and can be less expensive than wooden doors depending on the model.


Our Classic Steel Garage Doors 9100 and 9600 come in a variety of design options and are also cost-effective. These doors feature a combination of steel, sprayed-in foam insulation, and Wayne Dalton’s Toughguard® (for model 9100) or steel backer (for model 9600). You’ll enjoy seamless-looking panels that resemble real wood, but provide better insulation than glass or wood doors.

Steel garage doors are recommended for cold climates because they have a high R-Value rating. The thermal efficiency of steel doors not only helps to ensure your garage is properly insulated, but it also reduces street noise from inside the garage.

Other features include reinforced steel and struts that strengthen the framework and tamper-resistant bottom brackets and pinch-resistant panels for safety.

2. Wood Garage Doors: The Beauty of Rustic Artistry

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Wood garage doors are perfect for balancing the structured, geometric look of a modern home. The unrivaled level of craftsmanship and elegance of wood creates warmth and adds a natural touch.

Do you have a rustic-themed house? Our Wayne Dalton Wood Garage Door Series 300 accentuates luxury and rustic beauty with custom features and designs that can match the exterior look of your house.

Featuring Wayne Dalton Wood Garage Door Series 300

This garage door model radiates an earthy rich appeal, equipped with modern technology to ensure that you can open and close your garage door from almost anywhere in the world. Each door is constructed of 1 3/8″ thick solid wood rails and stiles for added durability and stability.

This door series features a glued and steel-pinned wood lock mechanism, shiplap style connections between sections, and zinc-coated steel for unparalleled strength that will help lengthen the lifespan of your garage door.

3. Glass Garage Doors: Designed With Class

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Dramatically change the look of your modern home with a stylish and unique glass garage door. Glass doors exude a sleek, sophisticated vibe that’s hard to miss. Although they have a lower insulation value than steel garage doors, the beauty and luxury these doors bring to your home is exceptional.

Featuring Wayne Dalton Modern Glass 8800 Garage Doors

Our Wayne Dalton Modern Glass 8800 Garage Doors undergo a special coating process to acquire the desired aluminum finish. This is paired with flexible, bottom seals to protect your garage from dirt. The mechanical operation is also reinforced for smooth and hassle-free door performance. The frames and panels are seamlessly constructed and are filled with foam-in place insulation to provide thermal efficiency.

The Perfect Garage Door For You

There are many garage door configurations to choose from and, surely, they each emanate a unique style: steel for a sleek vibe, wood for a rustic look and glass for a picturesque appeal. If you’re still not sure which garage door best suits your needs and wants, visit your nearest NationServe location or our design-a-door design center, and let our friendly garage door specialists help you.

Ready for your own ingenious garage or overhead door? Looking for skillful maintenance and repairs? We can make it happen. Contact your nearest NationServe location get a product quote or request a service call today.

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