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Finding the Best Glass Garage Door for Your Home

Best Residential Glass Garage Door

If you’re building a new garage or replacing your old, worn-out garage door, a wide range of designs are available to meet any style or budget. While garage doors serve the same purpose—to provide an entryway to your home—they, however, differ distinctly in terms of style, functionality, and maintenance needs.

When it comes to creating a beautiful, contemporary aesthetic, glass garage doors provide a curbside accent that exude style and charm. Glass doors allow natural light to illuminate the interior of a garage, giving off an ambience that no other garage door can provide.

What architectural designs work best with glass garage doors?

best glass garage door

Glass doors are ideal for garages that serve as a direct extension to the house. Some may think that glass garage doors compromise privacy, but tinted or frosted options are available and can provide coverage. This means that you can still enjoy natural lighting inside your garage without compromising on safety or security.

NationServe offers modern glass garage doors that provide contemporary charm to your house and come in a range of prices for nearly any budget.

What is R-Value and why should I consider it when buying glass garage doors?

best glass garage door

With R-value—the measure of a material’s thermal resistance—the higher the rating, the more thermally efficient the door. Depending on your region and climate, you may need to choose a garage door with a higher R-value rating to provide better insulation.

When looking for the best glass garage door for your home, you need to consider the R-value rating. Most modern glass garage doors have low insulation value, but are built with metal frames that have thermal breaks, which control the flow of heat into and outside the garage.

However, if your house is located where extreme weather conditions are common, glass garage doors may not ideal. We recommend steel or specialty vinyl garage doors for seasonal climates because these garage doors offer an exceptionally high R-value rating.

How should I maintain the look of my glass garage door?

best glass garage door

Maintaining the look and build of your glass garage door is important and can help you save on repair or replacement costs in the long run. At times, glass garage doors can accumulate debris and dust in the tracks. Aside from looking unappealing, dirt build-up can cause other issues with your door creating potential repair costs down the road.

Regularly cleaning your garage door with a soft cloth and mild detergent can help keep your glass doors looking spotless. Be mindful when choosing a glass cleaner because some brands contain harmful ingredients, such as ammonia. These chemicals can damage the frame or even the glass itself, which can affect the glass garage door’s quality and lifespan.

As a general rule, we recommend scheduling an annual inspection to keep your glass garage door in pristine condition.

Ready for your own ingenious glass garage door? Looking for skillful maintenance and repairs? We can make it happen. Contact your nearest NationServe location, get a product quote, or request a service call today.

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