Style by State: Best of 2017

On the east coast, waves crash on beaches dotted with lighthouses. Thousands of miles west, fog hangs over dense forests etched with winding rivers. And in the midst of it all, rustic canyons roll into wild mountains.

From coast to coast, America’s landscapes are as manifold as our country’s people, cultures, and cities. At NationServe, in 11 states across the country, we’re immersed in the cities and regions we serve, curating garage door solutions with precision and imagination.

Throughout the year, we savored rich experiences, sampled cultural trends, and explored emerging designs. We interviewed our NationServe locations to gain firsthand insights about each state’s communities and architecture. In the process, we painted a colorful picture of the aesthetics and lifestyles that permeate the country.

Read on to explore our 2017 round-up of America’s best destinations and designs.



Snoqualmie Pass, Washington | Image Credit to @trlshooter via Instagram

Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Washington is an outdoor explorer’s dream. Take in the mythic prowess of Mount Rainier, a humongous active volcano. Explore the San Juan Islands, a serene archipelago where you can ponder the beauty of seals and orchas. Or, sip wine in Walla Walla’s sunsoaked vineyards. From brick rancher homes in traditional neighborhoods to newer takes on Craftsmen architecture, this west-coast state exudes a classic, down-to-earth appeal. Washington style celebrates the simple things in life: bohemian details, textured wood, and nods to vintage camping.

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 Washington’s Top Garage Doors:

North Carolina


North Carolina | Image Credit to @raychezzy via Instagram

Stunning beauty spans across North Carolina. Whether it’s the mysterious meadows rolling along the Great Smoky Mountains or the sandy beaches weaving through the Outer Banks, the state’s diverse geography and climates draw tons of travellers and newcomers every year. The state is a blend of progressive and old-fashioned culture, with tech start-ups, pig farming, and agriculture defining its economy. North Carolina’s varied mindsets and people bring a mix of Craftsmen, Southern, and Traditional architecture with them.

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North Carolina’s Top Garage Doors:



Marble, Colorado | Image Credit to @lostintheforrest via Instagram

Everything about Colorado beckons you to the Wild West. From high-altitude Rocky Mountains and snowy resorts to desert rock formations and giant canyons, the state takes country living to a new level. Hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding—name an outdoor activity, and Coloradans have mastered it. Equally exhilarating are cities like Denver and Aspen, where downtown districts, blues concerts, and thriving galleries lend a rugged yet urban flair. Mountain cabins and Southwest architecture dominate in rural areas, while the younger crowd takes edgier style risks with contemporary homes.

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Colorado’s Top Garage Doors:

Midwest (Illinois & Iowa)


Peoria, Illinois | Image Credit to @enjoyillinois via Instagram

When you think of all-American culture, the Midwest instantly comes to mind. The region’s iconic Route 66 highway inspires classic road trip adventures, with diners, drive-in theaters, and retro statues along the way. Winding through major cities, the Mississippi River offers head-turning views of limestone cliffs and colorful trees. But, it’s that famously friendly Midwestern attitude that makes every traveller feel welcome. Historic mansions and working-class homes maintain character in traditional communities, but an architectural revival is on the rise, bringing modern styles with a dash of artisan sensibility.

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The Midwests Top Garage Doors:



Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio | Image Credit to @interiordesignmag via Instagram

There’s a lot more to Ohio than miles of charming countryside. Certainly, its Amish communities and agricultural heritage are often the first images that come to mind. But, the state has also shaped a great deal of American history. From astronauts and presidents to airplanes and automobiles, Ohioans have forged the course of our country’s culture. Plus, the state is home to not one, but two halls of fame: Rock and Roll and Pro-Football. Stately European styles still influence architecture across the region, with cities like Cleveland, and Cincinnati dipping their toes into cutting-edge, industrial designs.

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Ohio’s Top Garage Doors:

Southwest (Arizona & New Mexico)

Jemez Mountains, New Mexico | Image Credit to via Instagram

Saunter down to the Southwest, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world. From the jaw-dropping Grand Canyon to the towering Monument Valley, forces of time and nature have chiselled the region’s desert landscapes. A mystical blend of Spanish, Mexican, and Native American culture etches itself in ancient ruins across the land. All the while, historical moments with cowboys and desperados add a flavor of Old-West swagger. Pueblo Revival architecture draws influence from indigenous cultures, but in newer neighborhoods, Spanish home styles lend a dignified yet exotic look.

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The Southwest’s Top Garage Doors:



Beartooth Mountains, Montana | Image Credit to @cadencrawford via Instagram

Montana’s skies seem to stretch onward forever, nearly uninhibited by manmade structures. Half rugged mountains, half rolling prairies, the region is full of pristine natural beauty. And, the people are pretty adventurous, too. It’s a state of fly-fishers, hunters, backcountry skiiers, and good-humored ranchers. Iconic national parks, Glacier and Yellowstone, inspire explorers to scale summits preserved for their natural wonder. Montanans gravitate toward colonial and ranch architecture, with stone exteriors, low-to-the-ground roofs, and wide-open layouts.

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Montana’s Top Garage Doors:



Lajita, Texas | Image Credit to @christopherzebo via Instagram

From cultural cities to tenacious towns, the Lonestar State serves up big experiences in every way. At a whopping 269,000 square miles, Texas is larger than the country of France. But, the state lives up to its giant reputation, leading America in beef production, cotton farming, space travel, and technology. Cities like Houston are renowned for their southern class, especially in the wake of challenges like Hurricane Harvey. Central neighborhoods feature eclectic 20th-century architecture, while outer districts offer thoughtful masterplanned communities, many with multi-family buildings.

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Texas’ Top Garage Doors:

At NationServe, we’re endlessly fascinated by America’s landscapes and regions, each with its own unique flavor and flair.

We hope our Style by State series inspired you to experiment with new styles and garage door trends. Relive our all of 2017 blogs, along with weekly garage door insights and ideas, here.

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