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Finding the Best Garage Door for Your Rustic-Themed House

Most homeowners focus a bulk of their attention and efforts on interior design. Although it’s true that beauty is inside, it doesn’t mean you have to ignore the outside and neglect an important statement piece — the garage door.

Your house can be stylish both inside and outside.

Home decor, furniture, and other elements inside the house are often carefully considered when doing home improvements, but the garage door can get overlooked quite often. Garage doors don’t require regular upgrades unlike other parts of your house. But when you decide to give it a new look, it can be difficult to determine the best garage door.

Rustic-themed houses are a very popular style choice these days. The exposed wood, cozy fireplaces, and stone walls look glamorous but also resonate a vintage appeal. When choosing the perfect garage door for your rustic inspired home, there are some important factors to consider.


The best garage door material complements your lifestyle.

The first step in determining the ideal material for your garage door is to figure out the overall style of your home. Not only does your garage door have to be functional and durable to provide shelter and protection to your belongings, it also has to work well with the climate in your location. You may also want to consider which direction your garage door is facing due to sun exposure and how will it light up the interior of your garage during the day.

Here are the common types of garage doors:

Wooden Garage Doors


The exquisite appeal of wood adds distinct beauty to, basically, anything. If chosen as the material for your garage door, it can create a charming and inviting ambiance to your house.


  • Adds natural beauty, elegance, and luxury to your home
  • You can choose between flush, semi-custom, or custom design
  • Faux wood doors are an excellent alternative to natural wood doors as faux wood doors provide better insulation value, are more affordable, and require less maintenance


  • Wood garage doors have a low R-value (the capacity to resist heat flow)
  • Harsh winter and salt water exposure can be rough on natural wood
  • Wood doors require more maintenance than other door types like steel

Steel or Metal Garage Doors


Known for their durability and longevity, steel garage doors have become a popular choice for garage doors because of their exceptional performance and the low maintenance threshold they necessitate.


  • Available in variety of panel designs and window and hardware options
  • Steel or metal doors have a higher R-value than wood doors
  • Very resistant to damage and are ideal for homes located in typhoon or hurricane prone areas


  • Doors can rust and/or corrode over time if the door is cleaned improperly, salt from the road gets onto the door, or if the door’s paint finish peels off
  • Can be prone to denting

Modern Glass Garage Doors


Aside from letting natural light into your home, glass doors effortlessly add a modern twist to your rustic home and preserve its elegant facade. A combination of aluminum and glass, this type of garage door can dramatically boost your curb appeal.


  • Full-view glass garage doors allow natural light in and are very trendy to both homeowners and designers
  • Glass doors enhance your view of the outside
  • Ability to customize panel and glass options
  • More glass type options available in the style than in other door types
  • Endless frame color options using the Wayne Dalton’s TruChoice™ Color System


  • Glass doors have a low R-value
  • Come with tempered glass but are still fragile
  • More costly than steel doors
  • Size limitations because these doors are typically double the weight of a steel door
  • Can require more headroom than a steel door

Pick a style that resonates the modern, rustic theme of your home.

When choosing the style of your garage door, consider selecting a design that complements the rustic look and adds a modern appeal. Find the balance between your garage door’s purpose and your personal taste. Here are some tips:

  • Pick a color that blends well with the wood or brick of your house
  • Coordinate the style of your garage door with other elements of your house like shutters or accents
  • Select a reliable automatic door opener with top-notch features that match your specific needs
  • Explore the possibilities. An example is to add an element of glass to your wood garage door

Your garage door sets your home’s first impression, and a mismatch between your door and the style of your home can be a disaster. Invest on the right garage door that completes the aesthetic, rustic appeal of your house.

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